Pregnancy Progress

Been awhile since i last wrote about my pregnancy.

I know i know i still owe the ODAC story. Just been very busy last week. Hopefully by tmrw.

But in the meantime... Guess what?? I'VE ENTERED MY 3RD TRIMESTER ALREADY!!! I think. If not tmrw will definitely be the start.

New milestones:

  1. Finally felt the baby's hiccup!
  2. Finally saw my belly actually moved
  3. Finally felt the stretching or curling up to one side leaving the other somewhat hollow/empty.

Round up of 2nd trimester:

  1. Just realised i havent had my period in awhile and its BLISS
  2. Walking for even just 30min is beginning to hurt. A lot.
  3. Bought too much new clothes maternity or otherwise
  4. Need more comfortable shoes. Slip ons are comfortable but not advisable when walking hard and/or long distance cos no support at the back
  5. Started on stretch mark creams at Week 26 thereabout after Butterflyrubrics mentioned to me that its a preventive care to start at 6th month.
  6. Bought 6-pack bottle steriliser, a handful of rompers, shirt + pants combo. Z die die wanted a "Daddy's partner in Crime" romper but i had to say no to that. That one HE has to get it himself. No way m i gonna condone such slogans. Lol
  7. Had first ultrasound scan @ NUH @ Week 22/24 can't remember. (hafta look up archive but no time now)
  8. Discovered has Gestational Diabetes.
  9. Went thru ODAC and hafta to whole day Blood sugar level monitoring 2 consecutive days in a week.

More later.

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