Bad Pants Day

Ok we've heard of Bad Hair Day, Bad Tudung Day but today is a Bad Pants Day for me.

Or rather, its a Bad EVERYTHING Day for me today. Everything's gone wrong. I'm declaring today a Friday Blues.

Firstly I had a very late night last night. Slept at 2:30am!!!!!!!!! I could barely lift an eyelid this morning. But fought the urge to take urgent leave.

My hair just refused to dry in 5min making me late and i in turn made Ayah late =(

First, my blouse lost 2 buttons. Luckily its hidden under the scarf so i just pin a brooch there. But its a rather uncomfortable blouse anyways always had to be pulled down.

And then when i started to walk out from my room, my pants started coming down. See, i was given a size 7 at first but it was too tight. I went back to the shop to change to a size 11 instead to accomodate my tummy nicely. But now it keeps on sliding down and the top keeps going up. Every few steps i hafta tug here tug there. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE RIMASSSSSSSSS TAU TAKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!

My serkop (inner scarf) also feels unbalanced.

And i've started to sneeze. Im beginning to think its more that i sneeze when im tired than i'm tired when i start to sneeze.

I have a lunch appt with my colleague. Initially wanted to go to Amara which is about 10min walk away but changed to a nearer venue instead. and luckily its friday. Hopefully ayah can pick me up direct from my office as he usually does on Fridays.

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