Pre-Antenatal Check Up Anxiety

I think my baby is nervous for the scan tmrw.

He keeps kicking me all day. And the kicks are either like... vibrations or like somebody panicking in water threading water, you know? In honesty, i'm the one who's nervous maybe that's where the baby got the jittery vibes from. haha

Nervous because I desperately dont want him to be big for his ideal gestational weight. nor too small for it. My tummy is looking very small what if my baby...... (god forbids!) But then again, I have an ex colleague who only gained 5kg for all her 3 pregnancies and her children are all healthy. I've already gained 10kg so it should translate to health hopefully?

I hafta report to the dietician also to hand in my report chart. I'm so scared, what if she scolds me asking why i havent been taking care of my food, although i have been in good range. That is except for last Sun when i had Fish & Chips AND lime juice. My first sweet drink ever since got diagnosed so. Hope she will discount that.

I suppose I know the real reason for my anxiety. I very much hope Z can be excused from school and come with us. Dont want him to miss seeing our baby, right? Just won't be the same if Mum's there. I want him ... no i NEED him to be there to receive any bad or good news TOGETHER. Dont think I can handle it alone.


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4 glasses of Juice:

nadia said...

All the best for tomorrow's scan :)

Hope everything will be fine and within normal range, InshaAllah.

Jussaemon said...


Anonymous said...

Caca, worry not.. i think your weight gain is healthy, and its always good news when baby is kicking :)

take care..
-Kak Adik

Jussaemon said...

Ahhh ok... but even if he hiccups too much and too long? *still scared*