Weekend Food Disaster

Weekends are always a disaster where food is concerned. It's either too much or too little.

Last 2 sundays, I had a Fish & Chips (and lime juice - my first ever sweet drink after ODAC) and my blood sugar level went up to an all time high of 9.6 (Reference range 5 - 7) some 2 hours later.

But last weekend, i barely ate at all!


9:30am: Bfast was plain cornflakes + 1 pear
2:30pm: Lunch of Mee Hoon Yong Tau Foo
I went to sleep right after maghrib, in anticipation of Z's coming home wanting my assistance in the kitchen. When i woke up at 9pm, i was all ravenous having had nothing since 2:30pm. I really wanted the Kebab from bazaar but was too lazy to go. Asked my parents but had to wait till 10:30pm after a certain TV show finished then we can go out for dinner. Ayah was SUPER kind to cut me some fruits while waiting tho. THANK YOU!

10:30pm came and went with no hint of going out. Besides, i was in no mood to go out bcos hafta get dressed, travel and then WAIT for the food to be served. Scrap that. I ordered McDonalds. Although i ordered Beef Prosperity meal, i felt so guilty for wat i was about to do to my baby, i only ate the Twister Fries @ 11:30pm!! *faint*

Bcos i felt angry that Z didnt care what i eat, in the end, i didnt help him in the kitchen and went to bed instead. Teehee... Not like i cared what he ate either. Dont mind me, im just super charged hormonal right now ok.

My tummy was buzzing with emptiness, but i ignored it. Hmmm began to wonder whether its wiser to NOT eat or eat SINFUL thing? Which is the lesser of two evils?


9am: I ate the burger from last night.
Mum cooked Lontong. I already heated the gravy up to eat already but when i served a plate for myself, suddenly i felt no mood to eat. Thoughts ran between "no meat", "sinful coconut milk"... "but lotsa vege"... I just cannot decide whether its healthy or not i didnt eat at all.

I waited for Z to finish having his "bfast" and everything first then (at 5pm) i asked for his help to buy for me the Chix Kebab w lotsa vege inside from bazaar. That's the healthy part. The very not healthy part that i caved in for is $2 worth of Fried Banana Fritters that i ate all on my own. Bah!

That's the undoing of skipping your meal, i tell ya~

It wasn't a day to monitor my food, so i didnt know how much those Goreng Pisang cost me. Whatever it is, I hope you will grow well, my darling Baby.

(Nothing else for dinner)

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