Usman's Place and Ghajini


First Stop: Dinner at Usman's Place @ Bussorah Street.

I think the name is sooooo not compatible to the settings. See... their first branch is called Usman Restaurant but it is more like a run down open air coffee shop at Lil India. But this is a high class, chic restaurant but they just simply call it Usman's Place.

The interior is somewhat authentic to Paki taste, i think. That is what i gather from Wana's pictures from Karachi restaurants anyway. Afraid i dont have much picture to speak of. But this is what we had:

Paki style Something Chicken w Fried Rice.

Shami Kebab.

I wasn't feeling so hungry hence just the light Shami Kebab but BOY WAS IT HOT!!

No Main dishes below $10. But a good place to impress lah right.

I did a naughty thing afterwards. I bought donuts! Half a dozen at that! But just ate 2. Hafta control.

We made it just nice for Ghajini, Aamir Khan's latest movie, at 8:20pm.

Ok tell me who's not going to melt looking at this ... this... Perfection Personified?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!
How come he seems to look younger and not older?

So funny... my baby was kicking me thru all the upbeat theme song! So much so that i just couldnt concentrate watching Aamir's extremely well crafted physique during that lovely song. LOL What can i say? Thank God he's not a sappy love song kinda guy.

The movie? The beginning was a tad slow. I very much prefer the happy flashbacks then the teary and dangerous Current time.

I dont know whether the gruesome parts have been censored or that's exactly how Aamir wanted it. Just as well for me. For i could have either screamed or thrown up if i've seen the "real" pokes and wat nots.

Good show, nonetheless. It's Aamir Khan, what.

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3 glasses of Juice:

Nurulain said...

The tamil version of this movie is also very nice. :) I loved the Ghuzarish (request) song in this movie. :)

Zaihan said...

Baby kicking at Aamir Khan?

My guess is right. IT'S A BABY GIRL!!! hahahahah!

Jussaemon said...

Er.... No COMMENTS! *fingers itching to type*