My Brush With Death


What a way to start the new year.

I pushed the bed right to the door to stop anyone from coming in. I had tried to simply lock myself in the room but privacy was violated when the key was found. Altho, to be fair, i was later granted some time alone when i begged for it.

Tears started gushing down as smses came in. (Dont even begin to ask me why.) Tears turned to sobs. The sobs then started to choke me.

I knew what's coming already. PUKINGs. What i didn't expect this time was... i really really couldn't breathe!!! I panicked. How do i get help?!?! Pple outside cldn't come into my room with the bed blocking it.

In a frantic of trying to survive, i swiftly pull the bed and rushed out to the room corridor puking once along the way and then another one just outside my door. I thank the Lord above that it was only 10:30 and the family were still up and about. In fact, there were at the corridor as well.

Of course mum and ash rushed to me. Held me. I squeezed mummy's sleeve as i fought very very hard to breathe but found the airway totally CLOSED, CLAMPED SHUT. I pointed to my mouth and then a signalled a NO sign trying to tell them what's happening. All i was thinking at that moment was, "Oh please somebody get me the ambulance, the paramedics. I'm going to die!"

Before i knew it, i threw up again. i managed to get some oxygen in thru a very small opening in the throat. I forced myself to calm down still tugging at mum's sleeve. Syifaa' who was busy playing before this stopped in her tracks and stared at me bewildered. I could only look back at her helplessly. The maid fetched a wet towel, while ayah prepared the toilet or something.

The sequence went like this: GASP, VOMIT, Calm down, Gasp, BAWLING, HOWLING, GASp, Vomit, Calm down.

When finally my breathing came back to normal, mum coaxed me (who was still in a panic state) to walk the few steps to the bathroom. I didnt think i had anything left inside me, but i found myself puking about 3 times more. The experienced pukers knew I had nothing or very little to eat judging by the texture of the vomit.

I couldn't take it anymore. I'm soo scared i was gonna puke some more and my throat will be closed again. I signed them to stop rubbing my back. And calmed down properly. I was sweating like hell.

Later, when i was trying to sleep, the baby kicked me A LOT. I dont know if he was trying to tell me that he felt uncomfortable with not enough oxygen also or that he was just trying to assure me that he's still alive and... kicking.

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6 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

what exactly happened babe?

whatever it is, hope u r feeling betta now.

take care!


nadia said...

((hugs)) Hope everything's fine now, Jus. May Allah keep you and the baby safe, Ameen.

Nurulain said...

Hope u r feeling beta nw dear. Take care :)

tanzilla said...

I am a silent reader....happens, puking sort of shake up your whole body. take care of urslef....try not to get upset, though i know it isnt in ur controlll...but try...chin up

Anonymous said...

*hugs* Take care k?


Jussaemon said...

Sorry gals. Been quite busy. Thanks for your lovely msgs!!