The Big 30

No I'm not 30 yet. But I'm already 30 weeks pregnant. Another approximately 10 more weeks to go.

So yesterday's scan went great. Zubair was able to take leave from school, Thank God. We also arrived in time. The wait wasn't long.

But the scan, i felt, was too short. The doc DID show me the baby's arms and thighs. His bones anyways. Told me that the baby's head is down. and explained that she was capturing 4 sides of the waterbag for measurement. Told me that baby is 1.3kg, in good range.

I heard other people were paying $75 - $80 at the Antenatal Diagnostic Centre's payment counter and got nervous. Alhamdulillah, I only needed to pay $40. It should have been $80 but coming from polyclinic, we are entitled to government's grant as well as exemption of GST.

Next stop is the Gynae. We ate my half chicken kebab from last night and jemput2 brought from home (we are VERY skint) while waiting for our no to be called. When we came into the doc's room, we were greeted by a, "Good Almost Afternoon!" SO cute this gynae. She said that because it was about 10min to 12nn.

She asked how's the baby. I said fine just that he has been kicking extra extra extra from 2 days before. Gynae assured me that Kicking is good about 10 - 20 kicks in 12hours. But to inform her if i can't feel any kicks at all.

Gynae translated from the scan that the baby's head is down and that the placenta is high up. A good position. I then raised a concern to her, "Is it too early for the head to be down there?" Her reply, "No, not at all. In fact, its good if the head's down from the beginning cos that's the natural position, supposedly." Let's hope that it is also NATURAL for the baby to STAY in that position. OK baby? You hear that?

I asked doc also what's my weight during my last visit cos i thought i've lost weight. Indeed, last visit was 67.5kg (altho a few days before that at poly i was 67.9kh thereabouts) and yesterday i was 66kg. I confided in her that i have been vomitting quite a lot. She seemed surprised and asked, "Wah you still vomit ah?" I said no just the 2 or 3 times cos i was sick. But she concluded that it's still ok if i lost weight as long as baby is growing healthily which he is. Ok i breathed a sigh of relief.

At the payment counter, i think a lot of pple felt lost you know. I dont know what system they use but we dont hafta submit any papers, they will know we have finished and will call our no. It was while waiting to be called that i remembered i forgot to give the doc my blood test reports.

See, during my first KK visit, the doctor noted that polyclinic did not give ALL of theblood test results i've done there which includes the thalassaemia, HIV test and whatever and told me to go get a copy before i come the next time, which i did before setting out to the hospital. Unfortunately, Z's blood test report was not included. She was able to access from the system but it wasn't clear if the report was of mine or his. I tried to tell her that the ones with all good marks are Z's, the one with red marks for haemoglobin will be mine. But she seemed unsatisfied and ordered for blood test to be done on the same day since we were there already.

It is while waiting for his blood to be drawn, we noticed these two indian Ladies talking quite animatedly in Hindi. I have noticed them from when we first reached there because i said to Z, "Your friend." hehe But seems a bit funny or coincidental that after 1.5hr they are back there together with us too.

They talked somemore i only caught incoherent bits n pieces. But Z intercepted them and asked whats wrong etc. Turned out that they had been waiting for their turn to be called for the past 1.5hr sitting there when they actually havent submitted the paper into the tray!!! Also, the husband wasn't in town to get his blood drawn either. Poor them.

The fees for this round is $60, after close to 50% govt grant, which includes 3 diff analysis from the blood and consultation.

Next still was a follow up with the Dietitian from my ODAC day. She reviewed my chart and marvelled that even after a pizza bread, my blood level was good. Deduced that it could have been the walking, although i doubt International Plaza to my office is THAT energy depleting. lol. But again reminded me that i should avoid fried stuffs n sweet stuffs like my Kuih TArt!!! Also advised me to take TWO calcium tablets a day (as i seem not to have taken ANY MILK AT ALL since ODAC), when i havent even begun to take any though i had already bought it. God help me.

$9, please.

Afterwards, we went to a coffee shop at the rear side of Mustafa for lunch. We purposely didn't go to Usman because we wanted Chappati but we were still served Naan without being asked as the former isnt available. ERRGH! Im not sure but i doubt Naan uses wheat like chappati?

The whole day I was walking uncomfortably because my slip on slipper was feeling slippery. So we burnt off the calories window shopping at Mustafa and got my full covered shoe @ $16. I normally wear size 38, but this time, just to be safe, i bought size 41!!! HAHAHA in case i get water retention much later but it is still comfortable lah.

I also noticed that the Palmer's stretch cream marks are a good $10 cheaper there!!!!!!!!GRRRRRRRR

Anyways, next visit is not for another 5 weeks. Strange because at this stage I should be seeing her every 2 weeks once. Just as well, we thought, so we can cut cost though we should be mindful that if there's anything to be worried about, should contact the gynae straight away.

All in all, I thank God baby's fine and healthy.

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