I have LOADS to write

But too busy at work... too lazy at home. Hehe..

I wanna write about my day at ODAC (Obstretics Day Care) where i learnt SO MUCH last Fri!!

Also how Z entertained a guy friend of mine at home.

As well as about the only 2nd birthday present i've got!

So hang in there people.

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2 glasses of Juice:

nadia said...

Happy new year!

adiekosongtiga said...

Yeah pull your ear,...

Well a new year is only the changing or rather the adding of one number above the previous year.

What we should be looking for is the end of time, when the year will not change anymore and there will be no more number to add to the previous year.

More we should think and acted upon is our own personal year.

That is when will our year will end.

We spent million of dollars to celebrate new year, but did not do anything for preparation for the end of the world or our lives.