Perth Day 07 - RocCandy, Harbour Town!!!

Mon, 21st Dec 09 (almost 9 months!)

For some reason, T was very restless sleeping that night. at 5am, he refused to be soothed back to sleep. So i took him out for a walk.

The porch @ 5am.

I just carried him for just a shortwalk. There was such a cool breeeeeezeeeee... But i popped back in after just 10min or so. Dont want him to catch a cold - socksless!

We find it more convenient to go out at 1pm having done prayers at home. And out we went to Perth City. It was the first time we went during the day! and a business day at it.

RocCandy - Halal Confectionery.

That was our only motive to drop by the city. HUH???

They all went window shopping while i fed T his lunch on the bench in the middle of the sun! Besides, I really have no patience for window shopping... not to mention i have this impulsive buying habit! Nope. Dont want that at all. I already spent... well.. more than i imagined i would!

BIL mentioned that he wanted to visit a Nike's Factory Outlet... along Hay St? I was like... HUh? Shopping again? Im not even a Nike fan. But on the way there, we saw Harbour Town Shopping Centre. And THAT is a Factory Outlet Haven!!!!!!!!!! SO MANY BRANDS of wide range of items!

Cotton On Kids being a fast favourite, Bonds, Cotton On Body, OMG OMG there are so many more i donno the names!

Tufeil needed a break from the shops.

so we went to the LOVELY LOVELY Nursing room.

SOooo Spaciousss... there's even a toilet in this room for toddlers n parents. I didn't sleep here this time. Im too happy with roaming round the shops. Thank God Tufeil fell asleep shortly after and i can truly shop!

Yayy!! Dinner time!

Boy Do i sound like a food-deprived person! haha... There was a Turkish joint ... but we went for our our kebabs as usual. I remember Ly sounded surprised when BIL said let's eat here and she quickly grabbed the chair before he changed his mind!!!

His stroller = high chair. Even at home.

Lovely Lovely KebabbbbbbbbBURP. (A Game me and Syifaa' play)

And we had an early night too.

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