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Monday 7th Dec 09

My RecClub organised a movie night. and i only gotta know the friday before. But thankfully somebody couldn't make it at the last minute. There was supposed to be a $12 penalty but i filled in for her.

Free popcorn and drinks too wee hooo!! All 30 of us watched Couples REtreat @ GV Marina Square

Couples Retreat

I manned the "registration table" where we handed out the tickets n popcorn/hotdog coupons. Then there was this weird China boys who kept thinking we were GV staff and wanted to exchange their ticket or whatever. Nonsense.

The movie itself was.. nice. Not x-rated as i was told it would be. Quite a few lessons to be learnt without being too much like in a therapy session yourself. It would have been better if we could bring our other halves. You know.. learn it together n stuffs.

Mon 14th DEc 09

Mak Long has been asking me if i need her help to look after Tufeil. And it was my last day before Perth holiday and parents get back from Hajj so on the pretext of having to pack the suitcase and other preparations i packed Tufeil off to my Mak Long's place.

She was so nice she even came to pick T up!

T had a nice time playing with Arina and Atok and Nenek while i had a nice time watching New Moon.

New Moon

I dont like Jake! Just look at home in this poster. The Intruder to an otherwise romantic happy couple. But i'm also irritated at Bella. I mean C'mon surely you can talk to your own Father! and be decisive, babe!

When i reached home, i had plenty of time to settle down and pump n stuffs before mak long sent him back. She reported that T was SUPER Active climbing (or trying to) here and there. And was thoroughly delighted that Pak Long played with him. It was nice to hear =) It was only the nap time part that was the problem. He wouldn't be put down on the bed! Oh Well... He's so used to me nursing him to sleep or the glider rocking him. Hmmm Ideas how to stop this attachment please!

6th Jan 2010

Ok i got 2 days MC as a result of flu. I came to work first in the morning that Wed with all intent of going to the doctor's right after getting the auth chit. Usually i'd just call in sick n go to doc later which means i hafta pay first. But with the former method, i get to kill 2 or even 3 birds with one stone.

I cleared my email, got that chit so i dont hafta pay to see the doc, be the surprised recipient of a 2 days sick leave (cos apparently i got a fever at 38degree celcius), and then.... enjoyed....

3 Idiots!!!

I had been going on and on with Ash about how i really wanna watch this Aamir Khan movie. He never disappoints. Always produces a good movie. Oh well... From Lagaan onwards, that is.

I dont know how to tell you this... but the movie is freaking FANTASTIC!!! YOU MUST ALL WATCH!!!

It has very good moral and values, make u cry, make u love the characters with not so sappy romance and not so stupid jokes. All these within the scope of college education.

One thing i dont get tho: HOw does Aamir stay looking young even passing off as a college student in mid 40s?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Please can somebody or everybody join me in gushing over Aamir? I can't be the only one now can i? Im starting to get embarassed here. lol

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4 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

Wahhh, u get to watch so many movies! Its been months since i saw one on the big screen and i've missed a few good ones cuz of timings and stuff!
I'll have to settle for the dvd version i guess. and yeah aamir khan is definitely using botox :P

Jussaemon said...

BOOHOOO that's a really disappointing news. i googled a bit and yeah he was sporting wrinkles on forehead in Fanaa but no more now since Ghajini. I would have liked to see him grow old gracefully ya know!

Anyway Nisa.. u're a free SAHM... can definitely watch anytime esp Cheaper times :P

norza said...

oh dear. aamir khan using botox? how disappointing...agree wif you, jussa. he shud just grow old gracefully. i used to swoon over aamir khan but now no time to watch even 1 hindi movie. some more i cant stand the dancing2 singing2 scenes now already.

Jussaemon said...

Babe... Aamir's movie's singing and dancing are really very manageable and tolerable. they are not long either .. more like just background music.

Also, i read that Botox is temporary.. so within 6 months or so we could see Aamir back in his natural age.. but i secretly think its emotionally addictive.