Perth Day 04 - Hillary & AQWA

Fri, 18th Dec 09 (8 3/4months)

So its a Fri and we waited for Abg Fai to return from Mass Friday Prayer. We ended up going out only at 2:30pm! And my was it HOT HOT HOT!! OUr first HOT day in Oz. can be quite unbearable!

Destination: Hillary Harbour

On the way

There are plenty of roundabouts here in this country. And it makes perfect sense, rather than having to wait for the light since generally there are not too much traffic.

We were lulled by the scenic route

Well, its their nap time anyways

And mine too! hahah

Oh Jolly! We've reached already!

I was facing these wonderful resorts in the above shot. SO NEAR THE HARBOUR!

Palm trees scattered.

Well we should visit AQWA before it closes at 5pm. It was almost 4pm when we got there.
If I remember correctly, entrance fee was AUD25 per adult. CHildren 4 and under enters for free.

It's basically an Aquarium with lotsa POISONOUS fishes, complete with underwater tunnel just like the one in Singapore. Only one exhibit fascinated me:

Colourful jellyfish!
They are like lamps, really!

Shopping time! my BIL went crazy at the surfer shops. lol

"What shall i do with this wheel?"

The Boardwalk

I didn't buy anything. Boring~ Well i did buy a frappucino from Gloria Jeans to cool off the heat. And thank God for it cos dinner wasn't until 9pm that night!!!!!!

Entrance of Hillary Harbour

Ok Baby we're leaving.

At Al Majid Mosque cos Abg Fai hadnt done 'Asr.
We already did at home together w Zohr before going out

Further inside.

Prayer Area

shall say that this one is the nicest mosque we've visited thru out our trip. Very clean and tidy and spacious. Sadly, there are not many worshipper around. Not even the caretaker!? Even the ladies toilet was locked! *Wink at Kak Ly*

I actually got a shock by the first mosque we visited at the Islamic Council of Western Australia. Er....... let's just say it looked very much like a Malaysian kampong (village hut) and very dusty with a happy note that its a result of much use!

After that, visit to the city, as usual, but esp bcos every Fridays, the trading hours are extended to 9pm in the city. The suburb's shopping centres extended trading hours are on every thrus night. Very peculiar. But i did notice 24hours McDonalds even in the suburb. ARGHHH if only all the fast food restaurants are halal too.. i shall WALK there from the house! hahah
Ok Till the next edition. Ta~

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