Perth Day 06 - North Perth & King's Park

Sunday, 20th Dec (8 3/4months)

We went to visit my next door neighbour (in Singapore) who has just got a job in Perth. It's all the way up north, some 1hour drive's away! We had a nice time napping! Poor BIL the driver. hehe Sorry can't remember exact suburb name but its pretty new.

A swing in the backyard beside the garage.
And it was another SCORCHING day.

View of the house from the swing

Making ourselves at home teehee..

The house pattern is EXACTLY like my cousin's only smaller and 3 rooms lesser. But the concept is the same. Masterbedroom right by the main door. Open concept kitchen overlooking dining and sitting area. and bathroom and bedrooms hidden in another hallway.

We were treated to homecooked Malay food: Fish head curry and mee hoon goreng. Nice!

I let all the others eat first while i fed T at the living room. By the time it was my turn to eat, my neighbour had to go out for an appointment at the showroom. She'll be buying her own plot of land nearby her cousin's here. So everybody went except me. I was left with the owner of the house. ALONE. WITHOUT BABY! That was prolly the best hour of my trip. ok maybe i'm exaggerating but at least i felt quite liberated not having to rush thru lunch, watch tv peacefully.. bla bla bla...

But i was glad when they got back an hour later. No more topics to talk about with the hostess.

After prayers at Al Majid mosque again and Hillary Boat Harbour (again) to get a magnetic tag removed at the shop, we went in search of a supermarket with a halal section down at Hay St. Its actually very small and i much prefer Mirrabooka if i were to shop for raw halal food.

I bought Fish&Chips n Kebabs to go, the others brought their dinner from home and we went for a picnic at King's Park!

It was roundabout 6pm.

Tickle you under there!

What? Are you trying to tell me to buy u a car?

Nahhh... I just want some Kebab, please Mummy.

We stayed there till 8pm, well after dark. There were a lot of families picnicking there and we were kinda puzzled. For one, it was a work night. For another it was getting rather cool and BIL said the Aussies love the heat. To be fair, there were many non-surfer types and other races about - prolly tourists too!

I really LOVED it here. Tufeil got to roam around... we all got to sit down and not walking around surveying shops. lol I really dont like shopping, actually. with other people. Because my style is very swift and i dont like to wait for people. I know. Im mean and selfish. So there!

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