Perth Day 02 - Midland

Wed, 16th Dec 09 (8 3/4months)

So the proper day in Australia started by going to get the rental carseat. In this country, it is mandatory for all babies 4yo and under to be seated in the baby car seat. which brought us to a realisation that fortunately Ash didn't follow us as we won't be able to all fit in one car. teehee. Although if ayah n mummy were with us, it'll all balanced up.

Almost wanted to buy a AUD2.50 pre-loved GAP or Target bodysuit. but restrained myself as its only Day 2 of the holiday.

Then to the shopping area in Midland nearby. we LOVE shopping centres, don't we?

By why do u look grumpy, my baby?

No lah mummy. Look I'm smiling now.

I've only just had leftover kebab from last night's dinner for breakfast andw as famished and it was already like 2pm? We tried looking for a halal establishment to no avail. I resorted to a Giant cookie.

They were puzzled why am i always hungry. Well they didnt notice that i always eat in a hurry and while feeding baby at the same time too. and then when he started crying and i just up n left my half eaten plate to tend to him. and when they had a proper meal directly before going out, i was busy getting the baby ready.

Anyways, we went grocery shopping. In between, Tufeil got cranky and i went to the nursing room. twice. The place was sooo comfortable and spacious with 2 cubicles and 2 sofas. There were nobody around and i succumbed to temptation and settled cosily flat on the couch with tufeil on top of me. we were there for a good 30min at least till Ly called to say she's found an internet kiosk.

We visited the Islamic Council of WA for Zohr & Asr and pressed on back to the city for another kebab dinner.

In the city at sunset.

The river looks very choppy and seemed like brimming over dangerously. Nice breeze too.

This time around i bought a proper doner kebab to hopefully satiate my hunger. But as usual, in the middle of the meal...

Tufeil woke up.

So i employed Syifaa's help to feed Tufeil his dinner of Heinz pureed pear.

Back to the house, now then.

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