Perth 09 Day 10 - GOING HOME!! BOOHOO

Thurs, 24th Dec 09 (almost 9months old)

We're going home!!!

I so dont wanna forget this lovely house.. So... PHOTOS!!

Standing from the main door that opens up to the formal dining and TV area on the right.

Immediately left after the Main Door is the study room.
There's no door to this room

Next door on the left is the Masterbedroom.
The Bed where Tufeil fell from. See the wooden bedside table?

View from the bed to bathroom and walk-in wardrobe!!!!

Back down the hall.

On the right is the kitchen - you can see the island there and it leads to the garage.

Informal dining area, sitting area then straight ahead is the TV Room.

The Conservatory is just opp the dining table on the right which leads to the mini garden and also swimming pool.

While on the left is the mini corridor towards the other bedrooms.

TV Room with two sofa beds which will make for a good guest room if not for the window facing in.

Ok now for the Bedrooms section

Sneak Peak

The Girl's Room.

Built-in Wardrobe on the left

The Utility Room is what i believed its called.

This is where Tufeil had his baths!

And Syifaa' having fun watching the front loader washing machine spinned.

The bathroom and toilet. Always separated.

Boy Room No 1. I believe this is Taufiq's?

Aqil's Room.

The Garage!

Our luggages have given birth to another couple of bags! So the trunk of the car certainly can't fit them all so much so that it spilt over to the passengers area.

Very Cramped!

My leg room was invaded by Tufeil's pushchair.

Our Noodles (Swimming float) made a rainbow at the back.

There's another luggage under Syifaa's leg.

There you go. All of them bags.

Our flight was due at 3pm. But we had to return the rented car by 10am!!! We woke up at 7am and left the house at 9.30am. From there, we took the taxi bus to the airport.


Just outside the departure.

It was chaotic transferring the luggages!

Esp when you hafta RENT a trolley!!??

at 4 Aussie Dollars!

The check-in counters.

We arrived 11.30am. Only at 12nn we could start checking in and although we were the 3rd in line, it took us a good hour to get thru. Cos we requested bassinet, then changed from 2 in front 2 behind to 1 in front (me only + Baby) and 3 behind.

So.. what else? SHOPPING! Er... i didnt stay around though like Ly did for an hour possibly at the bookstore. I went to the nursing room, the cafe to get myself a donut cos it was lunch time but they were saving their tummies for in flight meal.

Nice spacious nursing roomS.

I hafta stress on the plural cause they are plenty!

At Changi airport, proper nursing rooms are only available at T3 as far as i know. Even then just 1 room per floor! Cheh.

Hmmm an attempt to capture the airport's atmosphere.

The depature gate is rather inconscpicuous.

Set there amongst cafes and shops. Heh. Funny.

I was disappointed that we didnt get to see the shops in the transit area! By the time we cleared customs and what not, it was 10m before take off! And to think i was bored hanging around outside... i should have gone in first! Bah!

The return journey was unbearable too. I regretted my decision to sit on my own bcos now nobody to help me if i need an extra hand! Altho the rest are just behind, they are buckled to their seats and glued to the TV.

Like during the outbound flight, i dumped my plate on Abg Fai's table so i have space to move around to reach the bassinet. This time round, i brought it to the kitchen myself which is just in front of me but for Business class. one hand on bassinet, the other arm stretched in front to the stewardess.

I drank sooooo much prior to the flight 1.2l that i desperately needed to use the loo. I asked Ly for help but she still had her plate on her table. I waited awhile but no sign of them clearing the trays yet... I got to the point when i was so frustrated i brought Tufeil to the toilet with me. Thank god he knows how to stand and he there he stood with my arms or the side of my arms supporting him. Anything goes, Desperado!

I decided NOT to change his diaper cos i know he would struggle when put lying down on the changing table and just the traditional disposables and not the pull-ups, im not confident i could keep him safe from falling off.

Soon after, he slept. for 2 hours. just like the previous flight. But the thing that got to me was i cldnt sleep for as long. I dont know. Ok i know why.. cos i kept anticipating he would wake up anytime that i cldnt nod off myself! Worse was i was scared to move to use the entertainment system lest he'd wake up that i found myself staring into space in boring nothingness.

At this point, i promised myself NOT to bring any children below 2yo w me to travel. Not only u'd waste money on the plane ticket when they wont appreciate much less remember the holiday, u'd also not be able to use the in flight entertainment they have! BLARGH!

MISHAP ONE: Tufeil's bum felt wet. My nursing top felt wet. ARGHHHH serve me right for not changing him! It got flooded!

MISHAP TWO: Tufeil's stroller did not follow us in the plane. Got left abandoned in Perth! Took us close to an hour to look for the stroller, to report bla bla bla.

MISHAP THREE: Cos we took so long at the Lost Baggage counter, our ride was also lost from our sight. We were looking out for a sign "Tufeil & Syifaa'" to no avail. AFter numerous calls to and fro.... we found out that...

Apparently, his signage was miniscule and he was tucked at the corner and he was.... poorly dressed. Not at all like a cab driver. NOt even a sch bus driver. More like.... vege seller at the wet market. !!??

Our trolley full of luggage and our $5 discounted ride. LOL *Wink at Ash*

It was close to midnight by the time we pulled up at home. I quickly got changed and settled Tufeil in to sleep and caught up with mummy and ayah whom we havent seen for slightly more than a month!! We chatted till 4am!! we did. =D Got so many stories from both our adventures.


Overall anecdotes:

1. T's skin immediately dried and got irritated from the moment we reached Perth esp at elbows, back of his thighs a bit on tummy, back and face - oh his precious cheeks! and a head full of cradle cap! Bought VASELINE moisturising cream and it helped. in 12hours after we reached S'pore, it all cleared up! Sooooo sensitive skin, he has!

2. There were more established routine during our holiday then the time we're at home. It's like... we went out all day, come home at 8 or 9pm, quickly shower, change, read a book, suckle to sleep. Wake up at about 7 or 8am, bfast go out and cycle goes again... I have no energy to maintain this in S'pore with work and everything.

3. OMG i spent soooo terribly much! Much too much. Close to AUD200 on Tufeil's clothes alone!! and some, i dont even like in the end. and 1 was a size too small though wearable. *pull hair* Told u i have problem about Window shopping.

4. We didnt get to swim. at all! BOOHOOHOO... we didnt get around to filtering the pool properly. and to think i brought 2 of Tufeil's swimming suits, LOTSA swimming diapers and LY even brought Syifaa's float and everything.

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