What Tufeil's Been Up To This Year.

9months old

Fri 8th Jan 10,

The 11 Best Friends Gathering.

Tufeil observing Shauqy's shoe while Iman watched on
(Before that they were chasing after the same ball. Hmmm)

Much later, Tufeil exploring a box of blocks. NICE! I NEED TO GET HIM SOME TOO!

There were a group baby photo... but from other cameras. donno if its uploaded yet?

We have the carseat in the house. to aid with nail clipping!
He wriggles ever so much!
We visited the library recently and he was all crawling and climbing!

To the Supermarket with Nenek and Atok.

First time in the trolley!

Shortly after, he cried. Ayah thinks its bcos he got shocked after a static reaction from Ayah. but after 5mins or so we put him back in and was ok.

Now... More Sleeping Moments!

Trying to find a nice position to nurse

He's often shaking his leg, usually in a 30 degree position with tummy down. When i put him properly on his side, he will rustle about to be on his tummy without unlatching. tsk tsk tsk!

Sprawl eagled. This means deep sleep. But higher chances of jerking awake!

He now prefers to sleep with pillow!
Dont know where that comes about cos i never gave him one.

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