9month jab.

Monday 4th Jan 10 (9months old)

Just for the record, Mummy sent Tufeil to the polyclinic for more vaccinations.

He is 8.4kg and (still) 70cm tall.

Unfortunately, he did not get to see the PD. We wanted to ask why his left big toe nail is sort of bleeding (albeit not profusely). The nurse took a look and said its an infection and to apply cream on it.

*bite lips* Hmmm its been there for quite sometime. I first saw that his toe nail got a bit overlapped. I thought that it could be because he uses so much of his toes to propel him forward in his commando crawl stance. then the previous physiotherapist session noted his nail condition and told me to cut properly too.

Hmmm an infection? Seems to me like a dubious deduction. Should i send him to Baby Bear PD again? If this weekend its still not cured.

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1 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

sameer had some nail problem too when he was a baby. i think its the nail biting into the flesh, so just do a proper trimming weekly! shud be ok.