The Quest of BreastFeeding Continues....

Tufeil is 9.5months old and he is still 100% breastfed.

When Tufeil started solids at 6months, it seemed that i expressed 1/2 bottle more than he needed. Cos he startd to refuse milk preferring biscuits. I saw my frozen supplies stacked up little by little. But i continued on expressing as much as i could - bearing in mind at that point i was in pain from plugged ducts.

Afterwards, I began to accept the fact that my baby prefers right side to the other. and therefore when pumping, i get 80 and 30mls respectively. From then on, when i began to relax.. things started to feel better, i suppose.

Then the 1month leave from work kicked in. no more pumping. just direct feeding! What a relief!

In Perth, i started giving him 3 meals a day though still consisting of just fruit and some pasta. A meal = 3 cubes. I also noticed one plug totally gone.

I prepared myself with the thought that my milk supply will dwindle to suit his needs now. And i worry if my left would release as much as demand commands when i pump back at work. However, in my mind i told myself, "It's ok... if not enough just supplement with the frozen, or mix with next day's or just stuff him more fruit! haha" and chanting "Only 3 more months to go till 1 yr"

True enough, now he drinks 80ml x 4 bottles (as opposed to 100ml x 4). Even then sometimes he cannot finish or even refuse it altogether! So far, i've managed to keep up to demand. May even want to continue till 2 years if its not too troublesome.

But my question is... what happens after Year 1 and Year 2? Supply will become even lesser in Year 1... When we stop in year 2, does that mean the baby doesn't drink milk anymore? Do we start on Formula or just regular milk like... HL and the like from the carton? If the former, wouldn't it shock the toddler to suddenly drink 250ml of FM when he was drinking just 50ml of ebm?

Hmmmm *scratch head*

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3 glasses of Juice:

'AZma said...

JuS... if you still wanna continue giving BM-only to him until 2 years... that's marvellous! on what happenes after he turns 2: well, some literature says that after 1yr, children can be introduced to fresh milk bit by by 2, some children don't even need formula to supplement their nutrition... they take in nutrition entirely from their meals/ snacks...

My little bit of experience: my son minum susu much less after 12mths (actually I can't remember exactly bila, considering now he's already 18mths hehe). For e.g. even if i'm around at home, if he's busy playing and occupied with whatever activities he's doing, ESPECIALLY if he has company, like his cousins, etc., he sometimes forgot about asking for milk he could go >5hrs at a stretch w/o asking for milk. It's only when he gets bored, or he's getting really sleepy and tired, then he would start to ask for milk (i suspect it's more because he wants comfort-suckling more than he's hungry).... which means, when he's 2, we have to think of other ways to comfort him...

kalau tak faham, clarify ke lah eh... my ramblings hehe...

wAllah a'lam.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to answer your question cos I have no idea myself!

I'm just going to add another question, how did u delay solids till 6 months, cos now that Hana has approached 4 months, I'm under intense pressure to wean her to solids! Its crazy. AND annoying. ppl act like I'm starving my kid.

Jussaemon said...


Hmmm honestly i can't remember! Maybe cause i was busy at work and didn't hear much comments from outsider about not enough milk.

Even if i did, i turn a deaf ear - with a smile. They won't be there forever.

My philosophy in life "If you want your way, you go and do it yourself." haha