Tufeil's First Cough

Was on Child Card Leave yesterday.

Tufeil was cranky the previous night waking up every half an hour with a badly blocked nose. He has also started coughing. Also because my mum didn't feel well at the end of yesterday too.

Since i was already up that morning, we straight away got dressed and after a McDonald's Bfast, went to Baby Bear.

I walked allll the way, about 10min, while T slept away, lulled by the movement. Was 3rd person. Thank God! We got him nebulized. I dont know how to hold him tightly when struggle ensued... so one of the "more experienced" nurses aka motherly figure much like my mummy helped to hold him while i held and kissed his hands trying to soothe him. He was SCREAMING and KICKING like being held prisoner or something.

$75 payable by CDA fund. Thank God for that too.

Later in the afternoon, suddenly fever came. 38.8!! Gave him meds, and sponged him. I tried to nurse him to sleep but he won't have it. cried and cried. So mummy just cradle held him while sponging at the same time. She did for like 1.5h when she passed back to me i cld barely last an hour! PLUS i dont know how to sponge him while holding him. Just left the cold towel on his forehead.

Some 5hours later, his fever was still no better. So we gave him another dose with a mind to go to the hospital if it still didnt go down in another 2hours or what.

I sent him to sleep at 9.30pm. I went to sleep 10.30pm. Next time i woke, it was 2.30am already! Wow he slept for 5 hours!! Without the aid of nose drop too. Alhamdulillah!! He slept on for another 3hours straight. His fever got much lower but is still just a tad higher than normal.

Sadly, his phlegm is very bad. His coughing. His whimpering also has changed his voice.

I pray it wont be long now. Ya Allah, please heal my son, you are the Curer.

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