IQRA' Suspended.

I told my one and only group of students left that I cannot teach for the mo.

Our last session saw Tufeil tearing my frail Iqra' book to tatters, tipped the glass of water and got everybody's books wet.... He got very cranky and restless after being on my lap for a short time and absolutely CANNOT be left on the floor. I had to resort to carrying him while standing and peering over my student's book.

I feel that this is no way to teach. This is unfair to my students who cldn't concentrate and to try to be heard by a similarly distracted teacher. Nope. Not fair at all.

The deal-sealer is the fact that the maid is gone now and my parents are rather busy on Saturdays to help with entertaining T.

I feel sad doing this to my good students esp because their mother has decided to re-join the group. And i've always had preference to teaching adults.

PLUS, my mom said that i should just expose T to the Qur'an reading culture ie include him in the class. Even my student agreed w me mum when i related this to her. Yeah sure i'd like to. but read my 2nd paragraph again. The babe gets CRANKY!

When mum discovered i've suspended the class... she said, after a thoughtful pause, "Ok lah, After Chinese New Year (Feb), i will make sure I'm at home Saturday mornings. I'll push back all my appointments to the afternoon or Sundays. Or.. if i have to, then i will bring T out with me."

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Thank you, Mummy!

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