Perth '09 Day 3 - Cohunu Park, Mirrabooka

17th Dec 09 (8 3/4months)

Kak Ly cooked Spaghetti and fried chicken wings. I made sure i ate a lot before going out because halal food is scarce out there!

We went to the wildlife in their most natural habitat at Cohunu Park. Entrance fee A$15 per adult. Children 4yo and under free.

It was noon and very hot with very little shade.

The Koala Sanctuary.

I find it too cute how they sleep perched on flimsy tree branches

Mirror Image
Tufeil = my own personal Koala

Foxtails are cute too? Or is it bobtail? i can't remember

Llamas are certainly rather peculiar.
Ok maybe its just because we dont see it often here.
Everytime i think of llma i will remember Jimmy Neutron's bestfriend

Pony and Donkey. They look.. BIG and yet small at the same time.
Shall we take a closer look?

No need. they came to sniff us out first!

Tufeil didn't cry and i tried my best to be brave too but i stopped short when he (and it was definitely a HE - LOL) tried to lick Tufeil! I mean what if he gobble up my precious baby!! haha

Hello there, Tiny tiny Kangaroos

It looks like Kanga is sniffing my butt!

Can you believe it? I totally forgot my baby carrier for the whole trip! I really struggled here in the animal park where Tufeil (or rather I) would rather see the animals up close and not just form the buggy.

They look so lethargic? So is it just their midday nap thing?

Syifaa' is eternally fearful of ALL animals.

From before we even departed Changi Airport, Syifaa' has been asking relentlessly, "Where are the kangaroos?" "What are the kangaroos doing?" "Are they all asleep now?" "When are we going to see the kangaroos?". Ly noted that after her scary meet up with the said animal, she ceased talking about kangaroos altogether. teehee

The Desert Girl.

I can't be sure if she covered her mouth cause of the smell, heat or the FLIES!!!

Very well then. Our next destination: Scarborough Beach!


I was on a bad mood cause 1. HUNGRY 2. Tufeil needed a change of diaper and the toilet was CRAPPY! 3. i left my hp in the car

No the strong wind hasn't changed my mind just yet

Ahhhhhhhhh ... What LOVELY Sand...

Only now i decided to take a deep breath and simply enjoy the moment. we then let Tufeil sit on the sand and play. He was mesmerized by the texture of the sand as it slipped thru his grasp. It was marvellous to see his wondering expression as we imagine what he was prolly thinking.

The weather was SUPERB! Cool winds, clean sand. What more can a girl ask for! we all sat and relaxed on the sand. I even breastfed Tufeil in the open because the place is just sooo HUGE! If there's anything I'm gonna like and miss about Australia, its the BEACH!

We didn't have photos but afterwards we went to Mirrabooka mosque in Mirrabooka village then to the shopping centre. This is the place with a LOT of muslims. A lot of Nigerians too.

The shopping centre would have been my favourite had we had more time to explore. You know why? Cause there are prolly 5 or 8 HALAL Establishments. Too bad we had already eaten near the mosque and i truly regretted it. I insisted we just ate there since we are nearby even tho Abg Fai said we could go to the shopping centre. my fear was it would take another like... 30min and it'll be just another kebab so why not now? My baby might get cranky cos he was hungry too. Mediocre to freaking sad the food we had.

But then i found... PRETZOS! HALAL!! THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! hahahaha Chilli Cheese Pretzels are the very freaking best. I prolly slept smiling that night. hahaha

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