Tufeil's First Hosp A&E Visit.

Friday, 22nd Jan 09 (9 3/4months old)

That was the day we decided to send Tufeil to the hospital.

I had noticed that he started coughing from Mon / Tues when Syifaa' was sick too.

Wed, i woke up to get dressed to work because i had a RecClub Thank You lunch with the French CEO they were going for Pagi Sore esp for me the only Muslim in the committee. But after much thought, i think i didnt wanna risk it. Esp cos mummy was not feeling quite well also though she told me she was ok.

So instead, we went for Bfast at McDonalds, and i walked to Baby Bear. (Ok this feels like De javu, i think i've written about this alr but what the heck...) He was given Zyrtec drop, nose drop, the runny nose oral drops and a white liquid for his cough n phlegm. Each time i hafta employ Mummy's help to administer the drugs as i can't bring myself to hold him tightly amidst his strong struggles. I'm weak in that sense.

Thank you to Mummy for skipped classes for Tufeil.

Tufeil being hugged and sponged at the same time. Temp was 38.8

The next day i went to work - everybody was asking me how's Tufeil. Esp my RecClub chairman cos the CEO was asking, "where's the girl who had to eat Halal?" haha. Anyways, she told me very knowledgably what to do when your child has a fever of above 38.5

Sponge him for 10min only with tap water.

Stop if he starts shivering bcos his quick movements will generate heat and bring up the fever even higher

U can give him paracetamol. Monitor for 30min if still not down, can give Neurofen. Give paracetamol 6hourly, and the latter 4 hourly.

I told my mum about the tap water. Cos we gave him ICE water. but promptly felt guilty after that. My intention was just to share the info that i received. But Im afraid i might have sounded... SMUG and offensive. Sorry mummy!

Then Fri came. Mum's not cooking so i brought my parents to eat at Breeks cos i really wanted the dessert there. Unfortunately, Tufeil missed a dose for the silliest reason being i wanted to wait till his bedtime and his last one was at 2pm. his temp went up to 39.

Mummy insisted we went to KK, after all i didnt hafta fork out real money, just pay thru the CDA account. But its the long wait that i minded and also because i think that he'll be alright with the next dose. just hafta be more frequent. But i relented more bcos i felt guilty for the above episode and wanted to acknowledge her grandmaternal (? hehe) instinct too.

Tufeil with his Q no

Waiting for the Doc.

Our no was called quite quickly, actually. in say... 30min - 40min max. His first temp in the ear was 37.2 bcos we put on that cold pack. But while waiting for the actual doc, T managed to remove it himself and another check was 38 thereabouts. The doc asked what meds we've given him and prescribed a slightly different one. But said that since his fever had been for 4 days, she wanted to get a blood test done. Needless to say, Tufeil screamed the hosp down when drawing his blood from his finger and when given panadol.

The killer part is waiting for the blood test result which took us another hour. It was plain restlessness!! At least it was only midnight and not in the dead of the night as i originally planned. When at last our name was called, doc said its just viral infection. Errr... is this the one where antibiotic is needed or... not? can't remember but none was given anyways.

Over the weekend, Tufeil had much disturbed sleep. He would wake every 30min or so to cough. Sometimes he would fall back to sleep, other times i hafta nurse him back but quite a few times he looked as if he would choke!! I can imagine his suffering! I mean who likes to swallow back down phlegm?!?! and there's a feeling like as if there's something stuck in ur throat and it just wont come out or like u accidentally ate chilli. I totally HATE that!

Mon came and mum reported that Tufeil totally REFUSED eBM in bottle. not a single sip. NOTHING. ZILCH. ZERO. NADA. He would take some plain water and some peach. At home, i didnt bother pumping for 4th bottle but fed him straight. Ahhh bliss!

He would eat biscuits but totally refused everything else. At first we thought its cos he doesnt have an appetite. But i tot it wld b strange when he refused peach also at times. So i tried to feed him by hand and it worked! He must be frightened of spoons and syringes now!

Anyway, Mum raised a concern than maybe its because of the canned fruits we've been giving him that makes his cough worse. I disagreed for the following reasons:
  1. Tufeil has taken them since he was 6months old with no effects
  2. I bought the ones in NATURAL juice
  3. and the can says they have no preservatives no artificial nothing.

>But i do agree that his lingering phlegm is quite disconcerting. So that's y i was glad when the next day Syifaa' had another high fever, Mummy brought Tufeil to see the GP too. Mum said he looked at the meds we were given and shook his head. This time around he gave antibiotics and to lay off them peaches.

Half day and one dose later, Alhamdulillah, he seems A LOT better. Cough is still there but not too much. He had a slightly better sleep prolly waking up only every hour or 1.5hr (and this is quite normal too!) as opposed to .5 hr.

I pray that it'll all clear up soon! So he can start drinking my eBM otherwise... i'll just hafta sell them! Ahahahah

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3 glasses of Juice:

norza said...

oh dear. hope hes well already. we are all having the flu rite now and the doc also said its the viral flu. same cough like u described. phlegmy and choking sounds. sarah also dont want her formula milk and is on bm only.

btw the last yr we went kkh with sarah, the doc told us not to give nurofen cos she was below 1yo cos it mite cause fits. but our doc gave a go ahead. u mite wanna chk with them.

and ure rite on steering away frm fruits for the time being. makes the cough more phlegmy. so many fruits to avoid now for sarah.

Jussaemon said...

Alhamdulillah seems much better but then again its been slightly more than a week! My supply has dipped tremendously!! ARGHH

oh thank god i didnt have nurofen to give to T. lets just hope we wont hafta start giving him anytime.

so its fruits in general, right? not just CANNED? since he was ok before.

Anonymous said...

maybe just some comment...for little children i would advise giving real fruits...cos though there's no is not fresh..thus some vitamins are lost