8th & 9th Month Developments

Before Mum went for Hajj, she started singing to Tufeil this "Pak Cekup" song while tentatively grasping her hands into a fist much like Twinkle Twinkle Lil Star but just a little tighter close. And Tufeil was delighted to follow each time!

To that effect, i just remembered that i could teach him other hand movements! So i started singing When You're Happy and you know you CLAP your hands. After about 2 weeks, he can clap his hands on cue.

Actually even in his 8th month, his Aunty Titi (Ash) taught him Hi 5 and he could do it but i just forgot to reinforce it to him. Now that i restarted it with him, he remembered.

He can almost Salam now. But we need to take his hands first before he will kiss it. But then again, he's always after "biting" or "licking" our hands and face. So maybe nothing new. But the word association should be new to him.

I'm teaching him Hello and Bye Bye wave now. Hmmm wont do each n everytime but when he does its more like... flapping the whole arms... like he always do when excited! minus the leg kicking tho. LOL Oh well... its ok.

Oh and a week ago at Breeks. He was in his high chair and suddenly he took hold of his bottle of water with both hands and put it in his mouth!! When i tried lifting his hands higher to tilt the bottle, he would release his own grasp. and let me fed him the water. Cheh.

It was really the first time he put anything other than his own fingers in his mouth! Oh he wants things in his mouth alright but usually but lunging straight to the thing like our thighs or knees or toes or even the floor so he would seem like prostrating! haha

And then yesterday Mummy just taught him to hold the biscuit, put into his mouth and bite. at night, he did just that when given another piece! Weeehooo.. But he soon lost interest in it and started throwing in on the floor as he would do w any other toy in hand.

Other than that, i actually feel guilty of not teaching him much of anything. Not too much reading. Not too much object identifying. So far only lights and Fan even then just the ones in Mummy's room, and motorcycle cos they are always zipping thru the street by our room window.

Hmmm I have no idea what else to teach him. Of course there are so many things like flash-carding, cleaning up etc... but im too lazy! Sorry, Darling! Hmmm one thing at a time, aye?

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