Perth Day 08 - Raebun Farm & Kewdale

Tuesday, 22nd Dec 09 (Almost 9 months!)


But day started with yet another tragedy. The iron did not work. ie how to go out with ruffled scarf?!?! That's MURDER! After more investigating, turned out actually the electricity tripped. We spent some time to find the switch and then we tried the other iron and it ripped kak Ly's tudung raw! LOL. "No wonder the iron was stowed away high up in the wardrobe" we deduced.

So The 3 of them went out to the nearest Woolworth to get a new one. Well they took a good 2 hours SHOPPING while ME the BIRTHDAY GIRL was stuck and locked at home practically GROUNDED! BOOHOOHOO. Ok, at least she brought back a present for me. haha

So at 2pm, we headed to Raeburn farm somewhere in Armadale.

Entrance to the... Barn?

Which is a General store really, selling the fruits produced as well as onions, ice cream, sweets, and even ... souvenirs! LOL

Syifaa' with new boots!

It was a hard trek pushing the stroller on dirt road!

The Greens would be rather soothing ... if not for the HOT HOT weather!

I dont know how Kak Ly always manages to get a great shot of Tufeil's smile.

Tangkap Filem Hindustan!
Feeling like in a Hindi movie.

Their Production Line.

Granted, its only the packing part of the line. I would have loved to see how they pluck all those fruits over the dont-know-how-many-acres-of land!! How many manpower is needed, i wonder.

After that, we were bidding time for our 8 o'clock dinner invitation at Ly's ex colleague's house in Kewdale. So what to do? SHOPPING time! Armadale Shopping City

With the holidays drawing close to the end, i brought 4 chilli cheese dogs from Pretzos and stuffed meself with 2 of them. I'm afraid i shall miss them terribly in S'pore =(

I tried Peach Bomba freeze at The Coffee Club while feeding Tufeil his late lunch. Disappointing to say the least. at AUD 4.90 too! Bah! But the crew was nice. Well, whoever cooed at my baby are nice people. Period. LOL!

It was dark when we reached her house. and Cool too! But we remained indoors for the duration. Dinner was grilled chicken. We tried to be polite by finishing the rice served to us which was TRIPLE our usual portion! *faint*

Malay Muslim community there is quite small and close-knit though they live quite far away. There are meet up picnics and social gatherings a plenty. We felt right at home with them. The children finally warmed up to each other...

But its very diff to get a very good picture of them all!

So shall include two shots.

The Ladies. Snapped by one of the guys. Humph! BLUR!!

It was really sad going home at 10.15pm that night. Because Syifaa' and Maya were so happy playing. They said goodbye and goodbye so many times and waving frantically at each other. Tufeil... Well... Tufeil just didnt know any better. Yet. Thank God. It would break my heart, otherwise.

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Anonymous said...

dat pic of T is uber cute!! gerammmzzzz!!!


Jussaemon said...

teeheeheee er... thank you?