Perth Day 05 - Fremantle & Kaili's Fish

Sat, 19th Dec 09 (8 3/4months)

Two major mishaps this morning.

T fell off the tall bed in the middle of the night!!! I was too tired to hear his mid-night whimpers i think and suddenly a heard a loud thud and he cried! I found him to be on the floor somewhere in between the bed and the WOODEN bedside table! oh my gosh oh my gosh!! I carried him around for awhile but quickly nursed him back to sleep and he was soothed easily. Thank God.

Then a fire broke out in the microwave when i was reheating my kebab from last night. Well i thought paper is supposed to be fine or even the better option and not carcinogenic for microwave? but apparently there's an aluminium lining or something on the underside of the paper. I panicked for a moment not sure what to do so i just turned the timer off. the fire flickered slowly away. Thank god it wasn't big. Phew~ and it still worked, not damaged or anything.

Right after doing Zohr and Asr at home, we went out to Fremantle.

This is the scene, baby~

Vending machine dispensing parking coupons. Convenient? Maybe

But no change given! haha

Round the corner, a bookstore was giving away freeeee balloons!!!

Ok so he's an amateur only knows the Dog, Giraffe or Flower

Tufeil got the Dog

But not 1min in Tufeil's hands, the twist came off.
And in another minute, the balloon burst! in his hands! and he didnt even cry.
Too embarassed to get another one although we were less than 10m away.

Shopping was the agenda at Fremantle. we LOVE Best & LEss. Great bargain for baby clothes, adult's as well as household items like towels and such. there were baby rompers going for AUD3.49!!

hen we walked all the way to the other side to treat our bellies...

Oh my what a long walk! Shall rest our feet on the nice clean grass.

Errr... Would love to go thru this spiderweb obstacle too... but er... i was wearing heels~
(Read: I'm too big n heavy to climb)

Then need to go thru train crossing....
Nah.. i don see no trains nomore.

Fuyoh! At last we are here!! By the pier.

A lot of this boardwalks, huh.

And we got our Ice cream at Baskin Robin.. Ahhhh,... bliss...

O oh Tufeil woke up and got cranky after waiting for me to finish my ice cream. Gotta feed him... but where? I'm not gonna go to another handicapped toilet anymore, thank you very much.... The car is tooo far away and Abg Fai was still out fetching it over.... Hmmm i settled for the open park we passed just now.

But Tufeil was too curious about the grass to feed properly.
He got the sand a few days ago, and now the grass. Nice.

Dinner was Fish & Chips. But i was totally out of it. Felt like puking and choking thru the meal. Reason: i was the only one eating. while BIL and Syifaa' went to the playground and sis looked at me eat. They were to have their dinner. It felt really really sucky n i cldnt wait to leave!

And leave, we did. Reached home 8.30am. The first night we reached home that early!

Tufeil having a bath in the laundry room sink.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Taufiq Zainal said...

Omg! The last time Uncle D came to Australia, we also accidentally put the kebab wrapper in the microwave and it caught fire too!

Jussaemon said...

OH me gosh! really? lol at least i'm not the first one and ur microwave is tough to have survived two mini fires!