Just as i thought to myself, i shall write here that there;s nothing to report, Tragedy Struck!

Ok i'm being a bit over dramatic.

But I simply hate being late for work. And that although i reached office this morning earlier than the past 2 week average, ie at 8:10 am, i ended up being grossly late!

Because i realised that i forgot the pump unit! AGAIN! I brought all the bottles and everything but the machine itself was left at home. And i can easily imagine why. Because i haven't been pumping when i get home for quite a long time that when i started this week, i didn't pack it back into my bag and it was left on my desk. *Pull hair!!*

And so i quickly called Ayah who had just dropped me off to come and pick me up again. Luckily he was still in town area. Then we dropped Ayah off at the office and i drove back home. I cldn't imagine reaching office with severe tardiness and still excuse myself to pump so i smsed Mummy to say that im coming and tt i'll b feeding Tufeil so she won't heat up a bottle or put him to sleep yet.

So i finally reached office embarassed at 10.15am! After parking the car at Ayah's office and taking a cab down to mine from there.

I can already imagine them thinking, "What a careless girl, Julissa is. Always forgetting her pump. How long do we have to give her face. Excuse her little breaks. How long does she want to pump for?"

I realise i don't have anything to say for myself as it's totally my fault. Forgetful young me. At least, its the first time in the whole of this yr~ haha.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

lolz, first time this year and it's only feb :P If my mom hears this she wud ask u to eat raw almonds every night hehehe

Jussaemon said...

Chet kong asam!

well i've only forgotten to bring some parts or another at the most just... 4 times thru my breastfeeding career in 10months. humph! :P It usually happens after i come back from leave and lost the rhythm.

Raw Almonds? Errrr i dont even eat the ones in choc!!