Tufeil's Solids History

So it's been a WHOLE month since Tufeil's started eating solids.

The first food i ever properly gave him was pureed pear which he ate alright.

Then mummy started giving him instant rice cereal for 2 weeks. He ate well. sometimes even skipping one bottle. Mummy gave him water after cereal to "wash off". Hmmm

However, the past week or so, Mummy reported that he's been refusing the cereal for lunch. I deduced that he's tired of soft textured food or simply tired of it. But even when mum gave an apple flavoured cereal, he refused.

So i gave him fruits to eat for dinner... namely apple and peach and he lapped up very happily. When i tried potatoes, he was not too keen.

At this, i decided he prefers the SWEET Stuff and something not too foreign from milk taste.

I thought of introducing porridge with carrot / chicken / fish... but afraid it might still be too early. its only been a month since he's started solid.. but i read that older babies might not like pureed food for long and they might start to dislike solid food totally since its always so bland so boring!

so what i plan to do now is to rotate the pureed fruits ie not everyday same fruit... but somewhere in between remind him of veges - the pureed carrot and potatoes i made. Maybe for another week or two then will start with fish porridge. Let's see.

Will study the Feeding: Solved book i borrowed.

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