Tufeil's Developments!!


Forgot to write: Tufeil is now wearing Mamypoko diaper L size, even though the package says its for 9kg above and he's only 7.6kg. (6months 3 weeks)

Ok my colleague's children actually started crawling first (at 5 or 6 month) then sitting up. I think Syifaa' started crawling quite early too. Tufeil is now 7 months old!

Tufeil starting sitting about 5.5months... and now i'm anxious to get him to crawl. Actually he shows more potential to walk first than crawl. Often would grab our hands or push him himself up from other furniture. PLUS, he gets upset now when i put him on his tummy.

I continue relentlessly to put him on the belly and entice him with a toy.... in an effort to get him crawling

The clip is over 2min long but the first few seconds will do. Towards the end, Syifaa' disturbed the "Adik" already.

You will notice that he stretches his arms to reach for something and uses his TOES to go forward rather than knees. Therefore, i deduce this is the Commando Crawl.

Ok Tufeil, one step at a time. I love you, babe.

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5 glasses of Juice:

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

yeap even siddiq was late in crawling babe... and he army crawled also first... then one fine day he decided to get on his fours and crawl... :)that goes with the walking stage too.. most around him started to walk at 11-12 months.. he only got up and walked suddenly at nearly 13 months... Kids all develop at their own comfortable stage.. don't worry yourself silly about how other kids compare to yours k... :) Just know that Tufeil is healthy and developing just great! I love the PJS! I dress Siddiq in those too but he outgrew them so fast.. too tall la... at times i still wear him those.. pendek pendek la... cute gitu kan! hehe

Jussaemon said...

ok.. actually I'm not really worried about his developments as compared to his peers... but more so that an education specialist said that if he skips the crawling stage, he will miss out on a crucial growth stage in the vertabrae or something like that. shall google more about it

norza said...

i remembered reading up abt missing the crawling stage and goes straight to walking stage part. hb's nephew skipped the part and hes now in P3. apparently he wasnt affected by it at all. very smart and runs pretty fast too. :)

Jussaemon said...

oh and Sue... yeah i LOVE that Carter's PJ too!!! because kids this age don't need the "socks" part no more. But i think it doesn't make sense to buy more since he'd grow out of it quickly!!

Jussaemon said...

Yello Kak Zammy... Hmmm Yeah i suppose it also depends on what other source of mobility the children take to just before walking. ie must work their upper body.

So i guess im not so worried after all cause T uses his arms a lot to push himself up. even when he was only 6weeks old.