2nd Hari Raya Weekend

26th, 27th Sep 09 - Exactly 6 months old.

In Malay (or is it Singapore's?) Culture, we celebrate Eid for the whole month of Syawal - logic being we fasted for all 30 days of Ramadhan. So 2nd weekend is pretty much filled with MORE visiting!

I think we didnt visit much on sat and only come up with 2 interesting nice pictures:

Mouth Like Tweety Bird!

Still thrusting his tongue out relentlessly

Now Sunday was more interesting.

We took a lot of picture and a couple of videos. I gave up waiting for pictures from the others and posted with what i have.

Lesson learnt but kept forgetting: Always use your own camera to take photos.

Dressed him up in a shalwar kameez. A gift.

Mum was supposed to put elastic band around the shalwar but not done yet so i matched it with his other white pants which is oversized. The collar was too hard but i begged Mum to let him wear just for one or two houses.

With Nenek

He simply loves sitting up.

Before going out, we received guests - our Pak Long & family.

My cousin Abg Izhar.

@ Aunty Roza's place

Sisterly Love! everybody say Awwwww

After that we went to a Tok Salleh's house. He is my late paternal grandfather's youngest brother now aged 80+? He's got Alzheimer's disease (is that the one with memory loss?) and is very funny. We all giggled at his baby-ish antics... that was until he suddenly screamed in pain. It was scary! I thought for a moment, he was possessed or something and he was looking right at me! Apparently, he got leg cramps or something and was brought into his room.

Kak Lina's (Aunty Roza's daughter) place

Babies asleep!

I'm wondering myself if i'd be prone to Alzheimer's disease at a young age, though God forbids. But look, no pictures = no recollection. How??

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