Haeundae Tsunami - The Movie

Sat, 24th Oct 09

Got another free pass from Ash who works at Cathay. We watched it together just at Causeway Point. It required quite a lot of planning - which went thru the window cos she woke up late.

I had class first at home then at 1.30pm went out. Left Tufeil with the maid. Alone. Kak Ly is due back in half an hour or so.

In the middle of watching the movie, suddenly, i felt real guilty leaving Tufeil at home alone with the maid. This was right after the scene where a girl was trapped in the house alone. Even though, by then, Ly was playing Dress Up with him.

"Siapa Bilang Gadis Melayu Tak Menawan?"

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4 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

sunggun menawan!!
jadi besan boleh? kekhehkehkkehke


Jussaemon said...


Submit resume dulu :P

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

lol amboi lawanye..
hehe he looks a lot like Syifa' in this getup! What can you say eh... if it's in the blood the looks won't go far off... :) GERAM NYE!!!!!! Macam nak cubit!!!!! tenderly of course those yummylicious cheeks of his!!!

Jussaemon said...

heheheh er... should i say.. Thank you? LOL