More Check Ups

Tues, 20th Oct 09. (6months 3weeks ols)

On half day afternoon. Tufeil went to class with Mummy and they picked me up at midday and straight to KK. Even Ash joined in today!

First was an appointment at the ENT centre. I actually postponed the last one cos Mummy said there's no need for an ear check up since Tufeil seemed to be hearing well and that there will be a hearing assessment at poly's 6month check up. *Shrug*

The reason we were called for this test is because i declared some history of hearing problems from his paternal genes. When i received the letter urging us to come, i scheduled it to be on the same day as the physiotherapist's, so save one trip.

When i came into the room, T was asleep. The doc said its better so he won't cry when given the earphones to do the test. But, as usual, T the lightsleeper came awake just a min after the test started. Thankfully, he didn't cry. He was much intrigued by the sound he was hearing (not the mention the cute yellow star soft toy the doc had in her hand), while the doc was looking the monitor screen reading the feedback frequency Tufeil's earlobe is giving off.

He had to go thru the test like... 5 times to get a A* reading. previous 4 were just passed. But doc assured me that his hearing is normal. Told me to go to the neonatal follow up check up the following monday to go thru the report. which, Actually, i dont intend to go...


Next up, his toes.

I don't hafta tape his right toes anymore. Nor do i have to do the bend-the-knee-and-press-the-foot-flat-on-the-floor exercise since he is standing ok already. But his left toe is still unsatisfactory though improving.

She introduced me to a set of new exercise. Just push the left pinkie toe upwards 10x of 10counts. and continue with stretching the toe outwards - now 3 toes. Ill take a picture some time tonight.

After that, we went to visit the Simei Gang Chief. He was warded into TTSH. It started out as a simple bacterial infection from one of his teeth and led to surgery! As of today, he's out from ICU and into normal ward. We pray for your Speedy recovery!

Long after i reached home, i realised i probably could have used my CDA account to pay for Tufeil's two appointments. close to $40's worth. Huarghhhhhhh

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