Nightmares Go Away!

Ash ever said that whenever she sleeps in my room she will get nightmare.

Well... can't blame her... i get nightmares often too... so much so that i've quite used to it already that i dont remember it.

Mostly it's like being chased, teeth dropping out, swollen tongues, Tsunamis.... but lately its been ghoulish too! It's like getting trapped in a Harry Potter movie with strange creatures trying to kill my character. at some point i seemed detached from it and watching from behind but i feel the fear all the same.

Maybe its the Vampire books i've been reading, its a chick lit really but with vampire theme, or maybe because i was facing left when i slept. i definitely read all the prayers and verses before i sleep.

All these non-stop running in dream and waking up every 1-2hr to feed Tufeil is making me super tired!

Baby, when are you gonna start sleeping through the night again?

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