Tufeil's First Food

2nd /3rd Oct 09 - 6months 5days old

Thurs night i finally went to Kiddy Palace to hunt for Baby's food. Two of my friends recommended Heinz Baby Cereal - White Rice. Somehow, i couldn't find it but settled for PUreed pear in a small jar instead @ $1.89

Mummy fed him that first day. Asked her to give after his mid day milk. Although Tufeil has been grabbing at other pple's food and drinks a lot, he still has this knack for thrusting his tongue out as if drinking milk. So... more practices needed, babe!

Sat, was too tired to go visiting. So instead i spent quality time at home with the baby.. just napping away mostly. Also got the chance to feed him myself! Recorded this with camera in my left hand, spoon in my right and bowl on my lap!

In the evening, with nobody at home and nothing much to do, i suddenly got an idea, "Hey let's cook some food for Tufeil."

Boiled a stick of carrot and a piece (bud?) of potato till soft. Lucky i remembered to grate the skin off the carrot first. I'm THAT amateurish at cooking, i admit. Then mashed them manually using this mini pestle somebody gave as present.

Showed Tufeil the mashed carrots - he seemed interested enough!

Alas, i think the carrot wasn't soft yet. I still got some flaky stuff in the lot.. or is it because it didn't grate it deeper ie some skin is still there?

I remembered Butterflyrubrics telling me to add EBM to veges but not fruit since the latter are already sweet, so that the babe would have a taste of something new as well as the familiar old mother's milk. Added some 50ml to this batch of tray!

When parents got home, i saw Mum bought this for Tufeil.

I got two mixed feelings. Initially, i felt happy that Mum remembered Tufeil while shopping in JB. But for another, Hmmm i wanted to be the one deciding which one exactly to buy. Both me and mum were upset over this episode.

Reason i'm being very particular is bcos i dont want Tufeil to get constipated like Syifaa' did when she started on cereal suddenly! but one of the besties said its better not to sweat the small stuff and that its something working mothers hafta contend with. Besides, as long as the baby is breastfed, INsya'Allah with God's grace, he will not have a prolonged episode of constipation.

So help us, ya Allah.

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4 glasses of Juice:

N said...

Introduce baby food one item at a time. Let them try out the same food for 5 days before introducing the next new items. Constipation, rashes etc are all signs of allergy or the gut not being ready.

Anonymous said...

jus, time u nak feed ada sound effect eh? LOL


Jussaemon said...

OH N yeah... but seems like he's not liking the carrots so changed to potato after 2 days. the pear was alright and gave for 3 days.

Gonna give him fruits now. hopefully he will agree with it.. otherwise will cave in to the instant cereal!

Jussaemon said...

Wana... hahahha konon tu nak kasi dia interested lah kan! Tapi klw lagu JAWS dah keluar makin lah dia takut dgn solids! LOL