Happy 3rd Bday, Syifaa'

Sunday, 11th Oct 09

Syifaa' turns 3yo today! Highlight of the day:

  1. Zoo in the morning,
  2. Lunch @ Swensen's and
  3. Dinner @ Sarina's 2nd Birthday Party.

We got the car for the day. Parents had other appts and Ash cldn't wake up in time to follow us to the zoo. Designated driver of the day: NOT ME. Bah!

Buying Tickets
Entrance + Unlimited Tram rides for Adult = $28, Child 3yo and above = $12.

Birthday Girl = FREE!!

Alas! We didn't bring any doc as proof, so didn't get that free tix!

This is actually my first time going to the zoo after.... 20yrs??? I remember there was nothing so interesting that kept me captivated and wanting to go back.

Weather was hot that we needed the Fan and shades

Me thinks T is more interested in the fan than the animals

What are we getting ourselves into?

The infamous restless white tiger (who had mauled one zoo staff to death) pacing up and down

We walked quite a bit before settling into the Tram Ride.

Before this, Tufeil had been very cranky. Turned out, he was sleepy cause we woke him up rather early. It was quite difficult for him to sleep in the stroller when we kept pausing every now and then to look at the animals. He is lulled easily by constant movement. Thank god i brought the carrier just in case and he promptly fell asleep.

This is the Kid's World or something.
We were supposed to visit this after i fed Tufeil at one of the sparsely located nursing rooms, but, too tired from all the walking!

Orang Utan scratching his... foot?

Giraffes eating a bunch of leaves tied up high on the tree

I felt very sad looking at them. Such long legs but nowhere to stretch them into a run. My sis assured me that they were probably born already in captivity, so they didn't miss much?

A Lion and Lioness couple.

Funny how the Lion's den is more open than the Tigers' dwelling. But yes there is a wide ditch separating us.

This is where we rested.

By WE i mean me and Tufeil. I dont like snakes. in fact, i LOATHE them very much! Even as we sat in front of the largest kind of this particular reptile, my eyes avoided to even gaze at what's inside the glass.


I've never seen one before!

We finished at 1pm. About 2.5hour's worth! We went home to pick Ash up before heading for lunch. I cldn't resist a cold shower to freshen up. Changed Tufeil as well.

Birthday Girl choosing her birthday dish.

We went to the one at Holland V as we know it won't be too crowded as other branch's. We even got a banana split on the house, it being Syifaa's bday and all. No proof required. But we did sing her a bday song before that.

Fed Tufeil rice cereal here too. Hmmm but not very convenient as their high chairs dont have a table? very diff to leave toys with T as he kept dropping them.

Next Up: Shopping @ Toys'R'Us @ Forum.

1 easel for bday girl. 1 kitchen set for Sarina. 1 suction bottom toy and vibrating truck for Tufeil. (I can't help it! I LOVE TOYS! I think Tufeil too)

It was close to 7pm when we got to the party.

First thing the host did was to assemble the lovely toy kitchen set.
It took a good 30min i think!

In the meantime, the girls prepared the ingredients...

Ah yes. NOw she started cooking already.

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