Motherly MeMe

Name: Jussaemon

Child(ren) and their ages:
7months old Boy

How many children would you like to have, ideally?
4. 2 boys and 2 girls. God willing.

How long did it take to conceive?
6 months after going off contraceptive methods.

Brief version of your Birth Story:

Induced thru a tablet inserted. No progress in 18hours. Returned to normal ward, walked around, had a bath and waterbag burst just as i started to have dinner. All this in less than 1hr. at 3cm, i asked for Epidural. 7 hours and 5pushes later, baby was out.

Baby's Birth Date, Weight and Height:
27th Mar 09, 3.1kg, 50cm

Weight gained during pregnancy:

Weight shed after delivery:

How did you name your child(ren)?
First name we took from his paternal great grandfather. Second name is request from MIL.

Working or Stay-At-Home Mum?
Working =(

Formula / Breast milk?
100% Breast Milk so far

Your Favourite Baby moments / actions:
During feeding/sleeping time, he would hover his free hand searching my face, and i would either kiss it or bite it gently... It's a very tender loving moment.

His/Her/Their First Word:
Er.... AWAWAWA??

I would like to tag SUE, NISA, FARA, WANA, Butterflyrubrics (I know you're reading *wink*) and allllll mothers out there!! Please let me know when you've done it. i'm DYING to know your answers!

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3 glasses of Juice:

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

done it babe! thanks for ze tag!

butterflyrubrics said...

For the questions on weight alone can I not do this? :( Heh

Jussaemon said...

Yayyy Thanks SUE. Will check right now!

Ok... omit the sensitive Questions then... maybe add two of your own (Q)?