Appt w Lactation Consultant

Mon, 12th Oct 09 (6months 2 weeks old)

Courtesy of two of my Besties, Hairiah and Fit, I managed to see a lactation consultant in the comfort of my room.

She came at 6pm. I beamed when she remarked how strong/tough Tufeil is sitting upright and what a lovely happy family we have at home everybody laughing away.

LC commented right away that my skin is very dry. then set about to remove the plug with a sterile needle. Again. this is the 3rd time! Sis and mum winced and squirmed, which in turn made me wary too though i didnt even glance at the needle. Actually.. the needle wasn't too painful, Tufeil's improper latch hurt more but her nails were poking at me! Ouch!

At first she told me that the duct might be OUT OF ORDER for now. But not to worry, i have plenty of other ducts to continue supply. In fact, she did remark on its abundance. So that's really one biggest worry that she had lifted for me.

After 3 months, milk in that duct has hardened. Although she kept picking at it in an effort to open it up, she didnt risk to go any deeper lest more blood and scar would occur. Told me that the skin will heal and the scab will drop on its own. (That's what i thought would happen 3 months ago!)

Alhamdulillah in the end, i managed to squeeze milk out from the blocked duct!! However, she still prescribed to me

  1. longgg warmmm showers and
  2. Lanolin afterwards as well as
  3. Breast Compression when pumping to aid the Medela Mini Electric. (Really when she did it, a lot of milk came out fast and furious when previously, i had been complaining of little and slow flow)

With regards to Tufeil's latch, she actually didn't comment/teach much. Problem being T kept getting distracting by the LC's voice when trying to guide me. He wriggled so much!!!! But a few pointers i picked up:
  1. prop a pillow under my thigh/knee when sitting cross legged to support the elevation
  2. keep pushing it inwards so baby can get the whole areola
  3. keep baby's head close to you.

I also found that Hairiah's style for side lying position suits better for me and baby. That is elbow on the bed, but hands supporting your head. ie more upright. After latch is on, i will slowly lower myself into a more comfortable position.

Thank you to ALL my friends for your concern and support. I believe things will get better from here on out. Ameen.

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3 glasses of Juice:

Maharani Az said...

i never knew si H. J. nurse in that position. Dia kata nurse sitting up. hehe.

Anyway, alhamdulillah. Really gladdd you're on the road to recovery! =)

Anonymous said...

hehe... u were there at the chalet right... i nurse sitting up smpai shauqy around 11 mths.. then try cara korang lak.. tu yg baring... tp i prefer sitting up than baring.. hehehe.

Jussaemon said...

Itulah kat chalet tu kita nampak awak nurse half baring half sitting up like that yg kita ikut! lol. works for me lah kan.