Temporary SAHM coming soon!

Yay!!... my leaves have been approved!

My parents are going for Haj this yr (Alhamdulillah!) and so i need to take leave from work to look after Tufeil.

Thank god i still have 13days of annual leave. I havent used much cos the first 3 months i was mostly only on MCs and 2 half days, then maternity leave! Then i got 1 more day credited from Deepavali on Saturday. Add 6days of child care leave = 20 days! and to date, i have 2 more days of maternity left.

I've applied for leave starting 23rd Nov 09 all the way to after Xmas, with one week break in between since 2nd sister is on school holiday (she's a teacher) and can help to care for T.

She's excited to start our holiday together... lotsa outings like last June i bet. More so cos we would have the car!!

Er.. but frankly, i'm a bit apprehensive at the notion of spending the WHOLE day with a baby everyday. Even just spending weekday evenings with him, i already feel clueless at what to do to entertain him, what more a whole month 24hours a day? And if he's started crawling by then... i doubt i can even go to the toilet!

But i suppose im looking forward to the "rest"... as long as Tufeil sleeps with me... and SWIMMING... and GOING OUT. Maybe i may even introduce... the theatre to him? *wink*

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4 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Jeles aku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I'll take a day or two here and tehre also lah. heh.


Jussaemon said...

yes yes please do take off too to go out with us. Imagine swimming at SengKang CC on a weekday. BLISS!!

ok ok maybe i go alone! :P

Ashley said...

It'll be a school holiday right? Ingat ko sorang yg holiday? Sure pack!

Jussaemon said...

oh ye tak ye! haha but beats the sch hol + weekend madness!