SWPH Ber-Hari Raya

Sat, 10th Oct 09 - 6months 2 weeks old

I mentioned my worry to Nisa before, that my turn is next to host a gathering of sort. But it happens to be a Hari Raya period when i can only offer Pizzas for dinner. Thank God Fara made an open house cum her son's first birthday party. So i was saved!

Er.... i was the FIRST guest to come at 2.10pm and became the longest staying one to leave at 7pm! Ahaks! Thank God Nisa came just after 10min or so.

Tufeil kena keroyok (swarmped?) by girls!
Shaheen & Wusqa
Wusqa suddenly became so sisterly!

For picture below, From left: 1yr 6 weeks old Siddiq, Tufeil, 1st Bday Boy Uzair

"Happy Bday, Bang!"

"Let me do a Rap Breakdance number for you"

The Gang.

Wana is missing, as always.

I had two helpings of Fara's Paki dishes. two of which were cooked by her younger Bro-in-law! First i had rice, 2hours later chappati. My My 1pc of Fara's chappati was very filling! (Picture food with Sue)

I fed Tufeil like twice throughout that afternoon. and he napped once for about 30min in the warm crook of Aunty Nisa's arm. When she attempted to put him down, the babe came awake so had to continue cradling him. Thanks, Nisa!! The nicest Dunlopillo ever! =)

Parents came all the way to Tampines from Woodlands to take us home. Thank you also, Mummy & Ayah!

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1 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

yeah i always missed these gatherings :(

inshaAllah next yr Ok!

Happy FIRST to Uzair! and mashaAllah the kids are all so cute looking, the mothers too *wink*

- Wana