All Things Tufeil

  1. I cant help looking at toddlers and young boys, laughing at their antics and think, "How will my Tufeil be?"
  2. After having Tufeil, I absolutely CANNOT READ about abuse to children or sick ones. i will definitely CRY!
  3. Ash thinks Tufeil will be one of those children who will skip crawling stage and straight to walking. Me thinks, "Please crawl first. i wanna see u crawl, please."
  4. He went for 6months development check up this morning. Weight: 7.6kg, Height: 76cm mum thought. Hmmm but can't be so tall?? *shrug* dont know.
  5. I can't help it!! I bought Tufeil a $49 bear with a big mirror on its belly cum music plus everything from Mothercare. Now I need suction bottom toys. For Tufeil, that is. LOL

Er... im pretty sure there's more but can't think right now

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1 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

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PS: That's a cute little one you've got there! :)