Irritating TEMPLATES

Ok i'm currently blogging from BOTH sites ie BLOGGER as well as WORDPRESS.

The latter is for password protected entries. Click on the "password" page for hints. Or just email me to ask/confirm/verify. If the PW doesnt work, sorry, not for you. :P

ANyway, i'm having a HEADACHE with these blog templates.

The other time i got a nice orange template all set and lovely... BUT there were a few flaws, that is they didn't insert the code/design for Bullet points (prolly for quotes too) and they didn't have the blogger Dashboard header, and when i inserted codes for my Nuffnang Ads/Counter, it doesn't appear!

This current one is too cramped. So i'm still on the hunt for the PERFECT one. So God Help Me.

Features i like:

  1. White background
  2. Orange coloured theme
  3. Right sidebar
  4. two columns ONLY
  6. Not flowery
  7. Not dark
  8. No random model nor celebrities
  9. No navigational

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