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Tuesday, 27th Oct 09

I suddenly had an idea the day before that Tuesday would be an excellent time to take half day afternoon off to myself. and started scouring Cathay website for the opportuned timely slots.

Decided to tell Mum first so she won't be calling my office and gotta know from somebody else that i'm off having fun while she's stuck at home taking care of the baby.

It was nice how it also coincided with 2nd sis availability. Being a teacher, she CAN finish work early but its hard to know for sure as they might hafta stay back to relieve somebody ... or extra classes... or just irritating almost pointless meetings. However, with P6 done with their exams, she was able to finish timely and join me!!!

Left the office at 12:48pm after a 40min pumping session. Rushed my way to Somerset, stopped by Burger King for smuggled lunch to catch this:

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with a pair of free ticket :D

I can just say: WOWWWW!!! I mean.. what IMAGINATION!! I LOVE IT!

Even before the credits appeared, we made for the exit to not miss the start of...

My Sister's Keeper.

Now all 3 of us sisters have already read this book. The scenes from the first 15min or so were terribly terribly fast! If you haven't read the book, u wouldn't notice the subtle points like the pendant. It was just a brief touch n go i dont see the point in showing it at all!

Several circumstances were changed, a few small additional pple... but one main character was omitted totally. Well... I can understand because it could then take 3hours!! I was quite irritated by the lack of presence from the lawyer character!

However, the biggest disappointment of all, the ending is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the book.

Nonetheless, i enjoyed it. Mostly I like to watch movies from a book i've already read to see how does my imagination measure up to the "real" one and then reimagine them all over again. Especially the layout of the house and everything. I'm running out of ideas cos we live in a totally different kinda buildings.

I cried quite a bit too. (Spoiler now) Like the scenes where they took the bone marrow aspiration from Kate and then when Anna was being restrained onto the hospital bed... (end of Spoiler)

basically i can't take any Parent-Child, child-trauma scenes, i will definitely cry. Now i understand how my mum can cry over such a small emotional scene on TV. Motherhood has changed me so.

Initially, i wanted to catch a 3rd movie Imagine That with Eddie Murphy... but it would finish at 6:40pm and i feel guilty leaving T for an hour longer at home so i decided against it and we shared a cab home. Reached slightly earlier than i normally would if i'd been to work.

To sort of "make up" for the "guilt", I took him to the library. Borrowed 18 books!! 6 baby books, 5 novels for me (2 are light readings so not so bad) and 7 Parenting Guidebooks!! HAHAHAHA Ambitious, i know! But i can't resist borrowing Tracy Hogg's books... a (simple) Brain Games book... 2 on First Foods bla bla bla...

Now that i can leave Tufeil on the floor/bed exploring on his own, I have free hands to browse thru the parenting books (with one eye on the baby, of course).

But seriously, novels are my saviour. With a good book in hand, i actually LOOK FORWARD to take the TRAIN home. The only down side is, i lose a bit more sleep. Oh well... You can't eat cake and NOT GET FAT. Tit for Tat.

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