Eatz19 is in town!

Mon, 26th Oct 09

Felt a bit embarassed when the newbie showed me a new HALAL lunch eatery. But am VERY GLAD she found it and told me!

I had been a fan of Eatz 19 @ Liang Seah St, Bugis, since i gotta know them thru my F&B first job. Their menu is always fusion-istic but in a sensible / edible kinda way. They've closed that out.

Today, it is located at Temasek Tower (Tg Pagar) a few restaurants after Starbucks with mainly Al fresco dining. (It's wayyy to the back)

Lunch menu starts from $6.80 for main dishes + Ice Lemon Tea. Or add $3 for a bowl of soup.

This is Tomyam Chicken Soup and its TO DIE FOR!!! I've never tasted anything so.... innovative!

The good thing is they have a list of what soup on which day so you can plan ahead WHEN to go over esp for pple like me who dont like Corn soup or minestrone (however it's spelt). Basically, i only like cream based soups. hah

I ordered Szhechuan Chicken with pasta.

Great for people who LOVES spicy food

The portion of the chicken thigh is fairly large. My pasta has finished long before my chicken did. which is rare for me cos i try to balance everything and finish at the same time.

All in all... A MUST TRY for CBD workers!!!
Hmmm... i saw the owner and remembered her face but for the life of me cldn't recall her name. Oh well.. i doubt she recognizes me anyway. But she's as friendly as ever. Asked if i need extra chilli padi and if we've had a nice lunch... Awwwhhh....

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3 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

This is REALLY good news! Thanks!

norza said...

oohh...i like eatz19 too. had my first dinner date with my then-bf-now-hb at their bugis eatery. hehe. :)

Jussaemon said...

hehheeh yup GREAT isn't it?!?!?! nearer to YOUR office too!

hehe Kak Zam... so how? hafta wait till u have assignment in town to go or shall we arrange for a lunch date?