To survive on $200

Payday just came in over the weekend and i'm left with $200?? How did that happen?

Let's see:

1. Mummy $350
2. Maid $122.50
3. Mobile $60
4. School loan $200
5. Credit Card $350
6. 2 x Insurance $150
7. Watch $100

Ok.. The last item is totally a ONE OFF thing. i have gone for 4months without a watch and decided that i could afford it now that Eid is over. Apprently, NOT! ARGHHHH!!

Let's start with my Iqra' lessons already.

And maybe im gonna have a garage sale or something.

A certain somebody better pay up soon, OR ELSE!

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2 glasses of Juice:

Abid said...

My paycheck came over the wekeend and i'm also left with no money :(

Jussaemon said...

Looks like we're in the same boat =( wat u gonna do?