Can I Speak to Your Mummy?

I received a call during lunch yesterday from the hospital to confirm my ODAC appointment.

She also reminded me to fast and things like that.

At 3pm, a similar no called me again.

Me: Hello

Nurse: Er... Boleh cakap dgn Maknye? (Can i speak to your mother?)

Me: *Puzzled why somebody who called my hp would wanna talk to my mother* Er... Mak kat rumah (My mum's at home)

Nurse: Oh... kat rumah? Er... Ni Julissa ke? (OH at home?... Are you Julissa?)

Me: Saya (Yes i am)

Nurse: Ohhh ingatkan anaknye tadi. (Oh i tot it was ur child just now)




She proceeded to ask me why i indicated vegetables as my Food taboo in the form. I told her i DO eat vege but not a wide range.. just potatoes, carrots and cabbages. She said the first 2 are diabetics' enemies. She coaxed me to try to eat whatever they serve on Fri.

After we hung up. I wanted to laugh sooooo hard so i called Ash to tell her. I could have conveyed the msg thru msn but i wanted to do some hardcore laughing and felt so relieved afterwards.


*shake head*

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