A Day of New Milestones


5min past midnight, i was just about to turn in to bed and Zubair was already asleep since 8pm (leaving me in peace to play game), when suddenly he hold out his hand and mumbled something. I took it and shook hands and asked what did u say? "Happy Birthday."

I was very very pleasantly surprised!

So that's Milestone 1: My first Bday with the husband actually around with me.

Last year, not only was he in Pakistan WITHOUT me, he also forgot the date. Not my birthdate but he tot it was still 21st when it was already end of 22nd. Bah.

It's a Mon so i had to come in to the office despite it being my bday. But its for a good reason.

Milestone 2: Went to meet a broker to train them on our eCargo system!

I feel like its a big step in my career here w current employer. For the 3 years i've been with them, I barely hafta correspond with clients except for the occasional email and phone calls and this is my first! Me being the most senior n experienced in actually using the system, it was only right that i had to conduct the meeting.

I was nervous as hell cos i dont really know the technical underwriting part of the system if they were to ask me, I only know the IT part of the process. Thankfully we have 2 new underwriters so i roped one in. She's supposed to be in charged of this system eventually, So it's also only right that she was there too.

It went brilliantly. Sure there were glitches and some customisation that the broker and Insured would want and that's exactly our job to look into it. Their office is located at Springleaf Tower. One i had wished to visit for a longgggggg time bcos of the nice building structure. You know lah me, very keen to look at other pple's office. It's quite small but very chic and organised. I LOVEEEE their filing cabinet. God so neat!!! So jakun like tt.

Milestone No 3: Check up @ KK Hospital.

I have been looking forward to start going to check up at KK to familiarise myself with them. Now, not only did i get referred earlier, the first appt also fell on my bday! Wow.

Luckily, appt is at 1.30pm. So right @ 1pm, i left office in a cab to the hosp. $6.40. As usual, Z was a bit late. So i went ahead to register myself in first and bought a light Delifrance lunch.

I feel soooo cared for at the registration counter where they set up my file. The nurse there was veryyy.... caring and sensitive.. while asking me this n that, explaining procedures and stuffs.

One of which is that no specific doctor will be attending to me during the course of my pregnancy as well as delivery but a TEAM of doctors. I'm fine with that. But the other thing is that, i might just be getting a STUDENT doctor. hmmm that i might be a bit reserved. But let's just hope that won't happen?

Bcos im from the Subsidised rate, if i were, God Forbid, be admitted for c-Sect, i'd be staying in a B2 class ward... which is a 4 bedder. A bit of downside cos my only hosp exp was at a 2 bedder ward in Mount Elizabeth. But it shld be just a short stay n somebody said that pple normally just draw the curtains anyways.

The wait to see the gynae wasn't very long. I noticed that its prolly bcos women visiting other rooms also have very short consultation. It was soooooooooooo short n sassy i cldnt help feel like she's trying to get rid of me ASAP. I totally forgot to ask a few things i had in mind like:

  1. Can i have foot massages? My feet hurt but my pedicurist said it might trigger premature delivery.
  2. Is it true I sldnt be bending down a lot. that it will hurt LATER?
  3. Which is the best stretchmark prevention cream she would recommend (Although im using one from mothercare that's @ 50% discount $9 only.. like cheap = no good?)
  4. and many many more i even forgot what are they.

The doc from Poly didn't print ALL my blood tests results so i hafta actually go back there to collect them. ERGHHHH so leceh (troublesome)!!

When checking for my medical history, i pointed out i had childhood mild asthma but that i sometimes get attacks once a year. But even then, i've never needed the ventolin puffs, just the pills, which i normally skipped anyways. I gave excuse that pple say i shldnt be taking medicines when pregnant. She scoffed off that remark saying that Ventolin is safe for pregnant women and its better to take this medicine otherwise you'll be suffocating your baby without much oxygen intake! Ok ok, i thought, dont hafta roar at me. Duh.

I was given multi vitamins to take. But i forgot to ask if that means i dont hafta take the folic acids, irons n Vit C prescribed by the polyclinic since they are all included in the multi vit??

I was also instructed to go thru ODAC (Obstetric Day Care) to do a Supervised Blood Sugar Profile. This is where i hafta "check in" at the facility at 9am... be fed 3 hospital meals with no other extra outside food then at the end of the day, they will analyse all my blood readings to see if the status' improved. If my blood's good, i'll be released at 6pm, otherwise, i may just be admitted!!! No visitors allowed. I saw a TV in there, but i doubt there's computer?? I sooo hafta visit the library and get as many books as i can!

For this, I hafta pay $341!! Thank god, payment by Medisave is allowed. (Medisave being our first line of insurance / savings deducted monthly from our salary and a portion contributed by our employer.)

Now the thing is, i tried to defer this appt till Jan cos i dont have anymore leaves and i have tons to do at work and i have been taking a lot of MCs this month for check ups! But they insist it has to be done in the same week so i chose Fri. My boss will not be in too anyways.

By the time we finished Q-ing at the pharmacy and all, it was close to 4pm. Had late lunch / early dinner at Taj.. but i wasnt really famished so i didnt really enjoy the Fish Methi properly. Then did some toiletries shopping at Mustafa and walked back to my dad's office near the hosp to get a ride home.

My feet were aching like CRAZY by then! But i felt proud when i told my dad where we've been and he said, "Wah so far u walked. Good exercise huh" Yeah i should remind myself its an exercise. It's good except that it left me no energy to go for my teaching class that night. Again, i had to cancel. I didnt go last week either cos parents not around. *guilty guilty guilty*

Shall totally make it up to them. Somehow.

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6 glasses of Juice:

farrah said...

congrats on the first KK checkup! so exciting right? wait until later on you go for scan and see ur baby developing :D

as for the bending down, when u get bigger, don't bend down at the waist anymore. i ended up spraining my back during my 8th month just by reaching across the table to get something. the muscles in your back relax more to accomodate the growing baby so it's easy to sprain them.

as for the stretch mark cream, i used body butter religiously day and night but to no avail, my stretch marks so gross! but thank goodness they have now faded so can barely see. i asked my gynae and he said its genetics, the cream only helps it to look better/heal faster.

nadia said...

1. Can i have foot massages? My feet hurt but my pedicurist said it might trigger premature delivery.

The labor process is fundamentally affected by hormones and muscle relaxation. While it may be possible that the massage process could aid in relaxing muscles or release of hormones, there is a lack of empirical evidence to suggest that pregnant women should avoid a relaxing foot massage or a pedicure.

Opt for a lighter, less pressure massage.

2. Is it true I sldnt be bending down a lot. that it will hurt LATER?

Not later, but it will hurt soon enough. Not only will bending from the waist will strain your muscles, but it will also compress your stomach, causing acid reflux. It is important that you bend at the knees.

3. Which is the best stretchmark prevention cream?

Unfortunately, none of the commercially available creams eliminate stretch marks completely. And yes, genetics play a huge part.

Postpartum laser treatments to clear stretch marks are gaining popularity. You may want to read into that.

4. and many many more i even forgot what are they.

Keep a small pad in your bag and write your concerns down whenever you remember them and bring this list to show to your doctor during the next visit.

Hope your cough is better now.

Jussaemon said...

Thanks ladies for your replies!! So nice of you.

Ok.. i asked my mum already. She said she had minimal marks after delivering the 3 of us. and now totally gone. But i shld still continue the cream just to play safe.

Hmmm usually i DO bend my knee but to carry heavy items but to pick up something i tot it was ok to just bend, quicker and no prob for me as the tummy not so big yet. but Ok shall avoid that now.

I see i see... my pedicurist said her colleague didnt know and applied pressure at the ankles over and over every two weeks on the poor lady and she delivered 2 months early! i suppose that was a case of too much too often.

Anonymous said...

I went for massage during my pregnancies. But was told to avoid foot massage in the last trimester.

I found the coco butter stick from bodyshop to be cheap and good as a stretchmark cream. :)


Jussaemon said...

U did massages? Like body massage too? I SOOO need back massage. My tailbone is aching like crazy!! Shall msg u next time i see u online to get details

Anonymous said...

Yes yes, full body massage. There is pre-natal massage u can go to. :) They help with my water retention and also back aches