Pre-Bday Lunch

Sun 21/12

My parents, Ash and i went out at 12:30pm for Bday lunch @ Sakura International Buffet.

It was a guided move to just be sure and reserve a table. Bcos initially we wanted to go to the one at Admiralty, however, when i checked their website for phone number i discovered that that outlet was not halal!!! The halal ones are only at Downtown East, Clementi and Jurong West Stadium. We decided on JW.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Zubair gave priority to his music, so he wasn't able to join. Shan't comment on this further. But i told him to give ME a treat next time simply bcos he cldnt make it that day.

I dont know why but that day i just cldnt be bothered to pick up the hp and take pictures. Well prolly cos the batt was @ 50%, if i take pictures, it might just die soon. I tried to charge in the morning but the damn wiring in my room really irked me. I was practically slamming and tossing the cables around to unravel it. Such was the extent of my pent up anger. Ayah did take some pictures and videos but hm... havent received from him yet.

But... this is a good occasion. So im determined to enjoy it. Even tho we were late. Well not late late but just late to be able to eat MORE. Well i was nicely full by the time it finished anyways.

I had chicken satay, pizza, mushroom soup, siew mai, breaded prawn, cereal prawn, pasta salad, wedges, breaded scallop... and of course... Ice Cream! =) Ash cldn't stop herself on those raw squid and japanese green peas or something. I didnt dare to try. I cldnt imagine how somebody could actually eat RAW seafood... esp PRAWN. real GREY uncooked prawn. Er....

My parents were then off to two wedding invitations and not wanting to be subjected to same, we made our way home first by train. Found out Jurong Point has a sequel. Jurong.2 (notice how i put the Point? haha)

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2 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Another halal outlet for Sakura Int'l Buffet is at Orchard Shopping Centre next to Somerset MRT Station.

Jussaemon said...

OH yah have seen their window from the street. Aiyah so meaning their website is outdated lah.