A Proper Date Finally.

Thurs. 18/12

After a few days of scrimping and trying to stretch the $, finally came the time for us to be able to go out on a date. Properly.

Didn't even care that we've lost the discount coupon for the Flyer. We just wanted to go there. DIE DIE must go - as the slang dictates. The plan got cancelled many times before when we readjusted our monetary priorities.

Met him at the Esplanade right after work.

Check out the white thingies on the water in the background.

They are New Year message balls something or other. You buy a ball with 3 size range, write a msg w a marker on it and splash in on the water. Something like tt. Dont have details.

Oh God. We took like some 10mins to walk to the Flyer from the Esplanade. My feet could barely stand walking, and the evening was only beginning! We bought the ticket at about 6:30pm. Glad there was not a long Q and we skipped thru the fake camera shot. We were hoping to witness day to night change again, but alas it was still not properly dark by the time we got off.

The customary shot that i've seen at other pple's sites lotsa times

Just before boarding.

Standing by the door is eerie ok.

Inside the allegedly biggest observatory cabin.

While waiting for the short queue in front of us, suddenly a couple got passed thru FIRST and got the entire cabin for themselves. Apparently they've bought the POWER up package. But No... they can't be doing anything naughty cos there are 2 cameras in there ;)

We asked a stranger to take our photo.

To make up for the awkward smile, i deepened my dimple.

Me cldn't stand anymore.

I like this crazy shot.

XMas lights, everybody~

Zubair the Savage Bear @ the Souvenir Shop.

Jus the Mummy to be with Xmas Tree

Inevitably, we had dinner at the foodcourt at Marina Sq. Again.

Just wanted to show you this halter neck maternity top i bought from Spring Maternity @ 50% discount. $25

We reached home AFTER 11pm.

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4 glasses of Juice:

nadia said...

You are looking so sweet with the maternity top on :)

Looks like you guys had a fabulous time. But there's something missing: food.

I can't imagine you publishing a post on a date with Zubair, and no food :)

Mrs Umer f.k.a Miss Sue said...

hehe...the yummy mummy with the baby in the tummy looks very adorable! :) lol bad try at rhyming.. but honestly you look good babe! lol my first try at the flyer will be this coming sat on my parent's anniversary! Hope it'll be fun!

Jussaemon said...

heheh thanks u gals..

Nadia.. the food's getting a bit too... routine and nothing special.

Sue.. u can be a rapper lah! hehe ur parents nye anniversary kok u yg dpt naik flyer. heheh ok dont forget to take pictures!!

Anonymous said...

what's up with pakistani guys and the savage bear pose? my bf does that too. LOL.