Questions for Gynae

  1. Why does my right hand cannot close to a tight fist every morning? It gets worse when i sleep longer. I can barely brush my teeth
  2. Is it true that if we SCRATCH our body, it will make the STRETCH marks worse?
  3. I read somewhere that the best sleeping position for a pregger is to lie on her left side and prop a pillow in between the knees. I can't sleep on my sides cos my nose will get block. i find sleeping on my back with pillows to prop my feet up slightly really nice for my back. But will it affect the baby when the bump gets bigger?
  4. Is my belly button normal? Looks like its almost closing it, a bit swollen and out of shape.
  5. Why does my left rib sometimes feel funny.. like pins and needles. Esp when i try to sleep on my left or simply sitting at the desk.

Really Q 1 scares me. My left hand already got injury.. now my right hand like not functioning correctly.

Also i forgot to write that @ KK last monday, we signed up for an antenatal class. I know its veryyyyy late already. Actually recommended from when you were at week 16. Im week 27 already! and it starts 3rd week Jan. But i really wanna be armed with some knowledge to prepare for labour as well as to care for the infant. Dont wanna be caught dumbfounded when slapped with the situation, panicked and ended up having C sect or something.

But Z said im just wasting my money. He said he knows already all things. YUCKS. Hellooooo how can you possibly know already simply by watching ur aunties?? It's not the same ok just WATCHING and actually EXPERIENCING the whole ordeal.

I signed up anyways. Hopefully we will benefit from it. Ameen.

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6 glasses of Juice:

Sandra said...

Best to learn if for no other reason to be more at ease, and shows love for child, wanting to care for it (he/she?) properly. "What to expect when expecting" is a book many mothers-to-be read, as it covers month by month baby's growth and what you as mama can expect as body and hormones change. Good that Zubair is confident and will be a helpful husband. We will see how that goes... hee, hee. There is a daddy's version of the book as well.

'AZma said...

JuS, re Qn 1, I am guessing you've Carpal tunnel syndrome... maybe...

Nurulain said...

For qn 2, I know abit as I have beem arnd pregnant ladies alot haha. From what I know, stretch marks are an inevitable part of a pregnant lady's life. But it also depends on your body. My cuzzin is pregnant and masha allah she does not have a single stretch mark on her body. And I have heard of ppl who keep using the creamn yet the stretch marks r always there. So I guess it entirely depends on your body. I guess the best you can do is to apply the cream regularly. :) N DUN SCRATCH!! :)

butterflyrubrics said...

Re Qn 2, when the skin around your tummy is itchy, it means its too dry, which means you will be more susceptible to scratch marks. So be sure to rub on lotion/oil BEFORE they get itchy gal :) Morning and night.

farrah said...

during my pregnancy i had so much water retention i couldn't close my hands into a fist either. my wedding band sat in the drawer after my 6th month, i was swelled up so much already.
as for sleeping position, i did read that sleeping on left side is the best, especially if you get heartburn. sleeping on the back may not be so good because you'll be putting pressure on the umbilical cord.
good for u that u signed up for the courses! i intended to but didn't so had to rely a lot on my mum's wisdom haha but i find that in the end a lot of things i had to do came naturally, just maybe i won't have been so worried about whether i was doing the right thing if i had gone for classes

butterflyrubrics said...

hey juls, tell hubby (or he may need another hubby to tell him this) that knowledge can only be humbling subhanAllah. we found our classes (alongside books and Googling) tremendous help in preparing us mentally and physically. Its especially useful for hubby who may not be as disciplined to take time out to read pregnancy and parenting books, and are more engaged via hands on activities such as diapering, massaging (wife and baby!) and also meeting other fathers and hearing their questions/insecurities as well. Even though he has lived with his nieces and nephews when they were younger, he found that he learnt so much more about pregnancy and parenting through the classes.

I don't think you can do the "right thing" when it comes to birthing. As long as you listen to your body, and you are armed with the knowledge to make decisions that you are comfortable with, then insyaAllah you will have a fantastic birthing experience. While the wisdom of our parents are mostly invaluable, some of them are really biased by their own negative experience and ignorance (eg I know some grandmas who encourage their "overdue" daughters to be induced/c-sect cos "takut baby makan taik" and others who discourage breastfeeding cos its "leceh" ie baby only wants his mommy) so its good to read up and be armed with as much as His knowledge as possible. Congrats for taking one of the steps towards that! :)