5th Maternity Check Up

Last Thurs night (18/12), I was alone in my room.

It was 1:30am. Desperately sleepy but desperately wanted to wait up for Zubair. So much so i started crying thinking, "WHY HE MADE ME STAY UP TILL SO LATE??? He knows right the next day we hafta go for check up very early in the morning!!"

Before i knew it, i was spilling out vomit. But it wasn't as easy as that time exactly 10 yrs ago when i had diarrhoea. That was like a spoilt running tap. This night, it felt more like a congested tap. I truly felt like dying. I cldn't breathe. I was choking.

I wailed out loud but nobody came to my aid. Parents were away on Honeymoon, Ash in Vietnam. So i tried to compose myself and stop as much cough as i could just to be able to dial Zubair's no. Even so, i could hardly speak. I just continued crying and managed to gasp, "Come. home. quick. i'm. vomitting."

To my great disappointment, he chided me, "You're only vomitting, then why are you crying. CHUP (Quiet!)."

I hung up crying more than ever. Why doesnt he care?!?!??! Well maybe to him it IS normal for pregnant women to vomit, despite me having not vomitted twice in the whole 6 months of my pregnancy. But cldn't he see i NEEDED to be comforted, even if its NORMAL?? Surely if HE was in pain, he'd want the same? Normaly but STILL AGONISING to be DYING ok.

Also because, I had been having cough + phlegm for the past 2 weeks. it seemed to be gone already but sometimes when i breathe, i will suddenly feel something sharp in my throat and will get into a coughing fit. I had to stop myself many times from continuing to cough cos i was afraid i'd vomit.

Being an inexperienced vomitter, i spilt them on the floor! Ok maybe he made me cry, but at least he had some sense to clean up my mess for me. I left him no choice when i spent the night in my parents' room anyway, in case i need to rush to toilet to vomit.

When i started to clean myself up, i looked in the mirror and almost fainted at the HORRIFIC view.

Right Cheek


WHAT ARE THESE RED BLOTCHES ON MY FACE???????!!!!!!!! I was sure there's something wrong with me then. What? Chicken Pox? Diarrhoea?? WHAT??

It was 3am by then. All i could do was wait and try to get some sleep for the next 4 hours b4 im due to see the doctor. Sleep was awful. The vomit taste was lingering in my mouth and it hurt very much to even gulp saliva. But i was nicely woken up by the Hub promptly at 7am like he said he would before he went out the night before. I didnt tell him but i appreciate that gesture very much like for once, he was truly looking after me. Im tired of organising and orchestrating our dates and appointments. Really.

Guess who i met @ Wlands Poly but Sarah J!!! Fancy seeing her there. I guess she's living in Wlands now? I didnt even know she's pregnant! Soo out of touch. Sarah.. if you're reading ... sorry didnt get to catch up w u for longer. Also forgot to ask if yours is a boy/girl. Was such in a hurry to do the urine test. So it's like 4 of our classmates are pregnant w 3 of us due in Mar 09!! Synched timing!

To make long story short, the doc said i do indeed have gestational diabetes. *GASP* I asked her what i hafta do now. She said just watch your sugar intake. but as long as your weight is still below 80kg, it's still ok. If above, we hafta start you on insulin. The only two worries are: a) if your baby gets too big, it'll be diff to push him out b) you might cont to have diabetes AFTER giving birth.
Oh well... dont really sound too diff right? Except for the no chocs part. My main concern is if the baby might get the condition too which i soooo dont want. Gosh. Need to google this more.
Before i even asked, the doc said she'd refer me to KK for an early appt due to being anaemic and having this gestational diabetes. and Miraculously i got the following Monday's slot!! Monday being 22nd Dec, my bday!! WOW... Now i have excuse and no choice have to take half day. LOL

Doc prescribed me with DOUBLE dose of Iron as well as Vit C for better absorption. *faint*

Oh yeah those red blotches.. they are BURST BLOOD VESSELS from straining too much when i was throwing up. They will got away after 3 days or so. The doc didnt look too concerned. Humph! Apparently my mum and sis (who throw up often) also suffer from this phenomenon. Altho when Ash saw my left cheek, she did say it was VERY bad she never had one like tt before. And that, cornily enough, assured me somehow. That i was really sick and in pain. Unlike what somebody thought. Humph!

Total cost: $48.80

Best part was i was given MC for the whole day so i got to rest at home some. and Thankfully, Z had some consideration for me and cancelled his lunch meeting with a prospective bandmember something or other. Although, i suspect it might also give him the excuse to "rest" at home after such a tiring short night. ;) At least he was there for me. And even better, he had class in the evening, so i had some time to myself as well. So it was a nice day after a horrendous night.

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9 glasses of Juice:

Mrs Umer f.k.a Miss Sue said...

i've been told if you carry a certain gender in your tummy... you get the worse breakout sometimes.. I am now nursing my skin back to its formal flawless state....:( sigh... its not an easy that's not the only thing i'm trying to bring back to pre-pregnancy state! sorry Happy Belated Birthday wishes!!!

Jussaemon said...

Oh it wasnt exactly break out. They are burst blood vessels that made my blemishes looked worse than it is already.

Wah u used to have FLAWLESS skin eh.

Yeah man im worried about stretchmarks now also. Ever since Butterfly told me it might come up even tho at 6 months its still clean. *scary*

Thanks for the wish!

erin said...

Awwww sounds awful! Subhan'Allah quite something what mummy's have to go thru for their kids.... insha'Allah I'll make dua for you :)

Jussaemon said...

Thank you my dear. And now the sore throat's back. with a vengeance. should remember to complete the antibiotic. hehe

widzgeek said...

Ca! Kesiannya awak.... now dah okay ke belum your face? I hope everything goes well for u eh..
Anyway Sarah J's EDD tak salah is 2/3 days after me if not mistaken...

Jussaemon said...

Hehe yeah i suppose the red blotches are gone now. Left the original blemishes. Thanks.

Yeah that's what she said. But when i asked how many weeks she is she said 27 when im at 26. But you and me we are 3 weeks apart. I also dont know*confused* unless ur EDD has been revised?

al_ankabut said...

Juls~ it's me Sarah~
hehe today I'm 32 weeks~
went for 2nd scanng at NUH y'day~
MY EDD is 3/3/09 ,tht's wht doc said.
glad to see u the othr time at woodlands poly~

Jussaemon said...

3rd MArch is like my anniversary sey!! But lets see when u will actually deliver hehe... Good luck and congrats!!!

al_ankabut said...

ouh 3rd March ur anniversary~! WIll keep tht in mind hehe..
Yeah feeling nervous oredi abt giving birth...U take care and gd luck for the 3rd trimester~