Its a Bully or Be-Bullied World

My parents are off to M'sia for 5 days or so. That means i hafta go to work by train.

First day was Thurs. I was disappointed that when i got in the train, most of the pple seated were either ladies, or if men they were either reading newspaper or seating w their partner. So i stood in front of a Chinese uncle in his 50s. Beside him was another guy in early30s both buried themselves behind TODAY paper.

15min later, i was at Yishun and my feet started feeling sore. So i adjusted my footing. The Chinese uncle looked at me for quite a few seconds. So i braved myself. This is it. I made eye contact and promptly he asked me, "Do you want to sit?" Hahah i almost ROLLED my eyes but instead, i put on a sweet smile and said, "Yes, please."

Going back... me and Z were from having dinner and window shopping @ Plaza Singapura, as usual we went to the tail end of the train where its not as crowded. There were two 20s guys hotly concentrating on their PSPs fighting each other probably. One of them glanced at me and nudged his friend to which i think he said, "Just ignore"

My feet were already VERY SORE from walking for the past 2 hours, i didnt give up looking for a potential victim. I looked around some more and showed off my tummy... until an INdian uncle looked at me and i, again, shot the Q, "Can i have a seat, please?" He gave it up and it was heaven.

The sweet part of the journey is that... Zubair got a seat a few stations later... but soon after another pregnant lady came in and Zubair shot up to offer her his seat IMMEDIATELY. Heart warming. =)

Now this morning i was dressed to the nines for the Posh lunch. The only shoe to match is my 1.5" heeled pump shoes. I know this is gonna be bad news but i had no choice. So the plan is to KILL. Shoot my victim (metaphorically speaking ok) within the first minute of boarding the train.

I wont ever ever ever victimised another woman. Cos i know how much they treasure their seats. Besides, guys are supposed to be the tougher gender, right? So they should "EARN" it by being bullied by poor tired pregnant women like me. HA HA

Conscious consideration (i can't remember wats the suitable word) needs to be exercised when asking for a seat:

  1. Try not to ask from another woman
  2. nor Elderly
  3. nor couples
  4. Able bodied men are most suitable
  5. Esp smartly dressed ones
  6. and AWAKE
  7. With no extra or bulky baggages
  8. and Seated on the PRIORITY SEAT

So there.

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2 glasses of Juice:

erin said...

LOL "So the plan is to KILL. ..." this post made me smile :) Belated 'Eid Mubarak~!

Nadia said...

It's tough out there and people 'pretend' to not notice that the lady who's standing is pregnant. Way to go, Juss! :)

Issi khushi main, you're tagged! Hehe