Hari Raya Haji 08

Felt soooooo wasted that i didnt fast the day before Eid cos it was a Sunday and i slept the whole day anyways. Totally forgot about it.

I'm very thankful that it didnt take much to persuade Zubair to go visiting with us. The Key Arguments:

  1. Only 2 houses
  2. I WANT TO EAT!!!!!!!!!

So we only went to my maternal grandpa's place and the Simei Cousin's. Just chilled. And reached home before maghrib. Now that's a first!

I actually wanted to go to my father's side - Kak Lynna's mother's place - bcos i know the food there will be MORE DELISh / more variety and i was craving for sweet malay cakes. Unfortunately, we were not really ready in time and i promised Z only 2 houses and i absolutely can't miss Simei's.. So decided to skip. =( Kak Lynna, ada belen kuih2 tak? he he he

Me & Syifaa' with matching Baju Kurung!

Just look at that cheeky Tweety Bird's Smile. GERAMMM!!!

Please excuse my red Clowny nose, i got a mosq bite just right there. Ergh!

The one and only picture i took for the whole day!! I cant believe i didnt take any pictures!! Maybe the fact that my sis nor cousins were there made me feel lazy to lah.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

u sure that was mosquito bite on ur nose? not xubi bite? :P
anyways looking at that pic, in comparison i would say u look cuter than syifaa :D

Jussaemon said...

Come to think of it... it might just be. hahah

thank u for the compliment but i know what u mean by "cuter" :P